Israeli Army Shows Off Sexy Military “Assets” And God Are They Powerful

Sexy Israeli "Military Assets" that would make you want to make love, and not war.

This Is What The Dog Looked Like When Rescuers Found Him. You Should See Him Now.

Only true pros and adventurers dare to scale the treacherous cliffsides of the Himalaya mountains. Filmmaker and animal activist, Tim Gorski, was trekking up to the famed Taksand Palphug Monastery (also known as The Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan when something stopped him dead in his tracks.

Photo lab workers fired after doing unthinkable to couple’s photographs

For some, the temptation to go through the photos is just too much. Maybe you’re even tempted to copy and tamper with one

You Can Get This Giant Mansion For Only 137K. But There’s Just One Little Catch.

Have you ever wanted to own a mansion, but only had roughly $150,000 to spend? If you answered “yes!” then do I have the house for you. The century-old mansion has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, more than 5,500 square feet, and one heck of a price tag: $137,900. This sounds almost too good to be true, right? So what’s the catch?

This little boy has a condition which makes him look like a permanent newborn baby

Many people are drawn to babies because of how small and adorable they are. Strangers who would normally pass by without a word stop in their tracks, compelled to say something about the tiny humans they find so irresistible. But when Jenevieve Cook takes her baby out on walks, people have a lot of questions.

The Inside Of Donald Trump’s Apartment Is As Crazy As You’d Expect!

As the whole world knew, this weekend Donald Trump made a big move from his luxury residence at Trump Tower, estimated to cost over $100 million, to an even more prominent address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – The White House. His wife Melania and son Barron will continue to live in Manhattan in this posh apartment, so it’s a safe bet that Donald will be returning home more frequently than other presidents would.

5 Years After Teen Girl Disappears Into Thin Air, She Shows Up Again With The Most Insane Story

This daughter has some serious explaining to do. Rachel Natacha Owens, who was last seen getting into a mystery car outside her school five years ago, has just been found living under a new identity.

This Guy Gets Revenge On Craigslist Scammer In The Most Satisfying Way

Anyone who’s spent time buying or selling things on Craigslist knows that it’s a convenient way to meet up with local people to find a great deal or to sell extra stuff. But it’s also a breeding ground for scam artists who are looking to take people’s money or stuff through a confusing web of fake identities, weird requests, and double-talk. Here’s the story of one guy who quickly realized what was happening, then turned the tables. Anyone who’s been scammed or has had to deal with all the fake people emailing will love how this plays out.

Mom sets up hidden nanny cam when her son starts acting weird. What she saw will give you chills.

Shortly after hiring a new babysitter, Kentucky mom Tiffany Fields noticed that her 4-year-old son Luke started behaving strangely. Following her gut feeling, this mom knew exactly what to do to find out what was going on in her absence.

This Toddler Was Being Crushed By A Dresser. Then His Superhero Brother Shows Up.

On Friday at 8:20am, mother-of-three Kayli Shoff was just waking up. As a mother of two-year-old twin boys, Brock and Bowdy, Mrs. Shoff was used to waking to the clashes and squeals of her rowdy toddlers. “It’s chaotic,” Shoff told CNN. “Every single day they get a scratch or a bump. They just do. They’re boys, they’re curious.” But this morning, something was off: an unnerving silence penetrated the air. “We didn’t hear them; we thought they were just sleeping in,” Shoff said.

The Croc Whisperer: Everything We Know About Crocodiles Is Wrong

No, this is not photoshopped. What you’re seeing is a crocodile named ‘Poncho’ kissing a Costa Rican animal lover and fisherman named Chito Shedden. “Love conquers all” this probably best way to describe this very unusual friendship, which is rapidly changing everything we thought we knew about crocodiles. It all started back in 1989 when the fisherman saw the croc dying from a gunshot wound on a riverbank in Siquirres. Chito knew that he could not…would not, leave the animal there to die.

James Corden Joins Alanis Morissette To Sing Updated Version of ‘Ironic’

Over twenty years after her smash hit song “Ironic” first hit the airwaves, Grammy-award winning sing-songwriter Alanis Morisette went on The Late Late Show to debut an updated version of the tune. Along with host James Corden, the new version tackles such modern-day issues as facebook, vaping and Netflix. Whether you liked the original version or not (or were bothered by the fact that nothing in that song was actually ‘ironic’), you have to admit this new take on the world is pretty great.