Couple Adopts Triplets One Week Before Finding Out They Are Expecting Twins!

In less than a year, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, couple have gone from zero children to five after a surprise triplet adoption and an even more impossible pregnancy. Andy and Sarah Justice had struggled to conceive for years and wanted nothing more than to have a baby, so they decided to look into other options. With IVF costing up to $60,000, the Justices settled on adoption instead and were soon paired with a birth mother.

How a Stray Dog Life Changed After Meeting a Filmmaker Hiking Himalaya

Only true pros and adventurers dare to scale the treacherous cliffsides of the Himalaya mountains. Filmmaker and animal activist, Tim Gorski, was trekking up to the famed Taksand Palphug Monastery (also known as The Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan when something stopped him dead in his tracks.

Photo lab workers fired after doing unthinkable to couple’s photographs

For some, the temptation to go through the photos is just too much. Maybe you’re even tempted to copy and tamper with one

You Can Get This Giant Mansion For Only 137K. But There’s Just One Little Catch.

The century-old mansion has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, more than 5,500 square feet, and one heck of a price tag: $137,900. This sounds almost too good to be true, right? So what’s the catch?

This Little Boy Has a Condition Which Makes Him Look Like a Permanent Newborn Baby

Many people are drawn to babies because of how small and adorable they are. Strangers who would normally pass by without a word stop in their tracks, compelled to say something about the tiny humans they find so irresistible. But when Jenevieve Cook takes her baby out on walks, people have a lot of questions.

5 Years After Teen Girl Disappears Into Thin Air, She Shows Up Again With The Most Insane Story

This daughter has some serious explaining to do. Rachel Natacha Owens, who was last seen getting into a mystery car outside her school five years ago, has just been found living under a new identity.

The Croc Whisperer: Everything We Know About Crocodiles Is Wrong

No, this is not photoshopped. What you’re seeing is a crocodile named ‘Poncho’ kissing a Costa Rican animal lover and fisherman named Chito Shedden.

After Letting A Stranger Work A Day In Her Cafe, Two Weeks Later The Man Gives Her A Huge Surprise

When Marcus, a homeless man who sleeps on Minneapolis’ Lake Street nearby, walked into Cesia Abigail’s cafe, he probably expected to be turned away immediately.

15 Bad Money Habits that Will Destroy Your Marriage

Think infidelity is the number one cause for divorce? Think again. As it turns out, money is one of the top triggers for spousal splits. In fact, research shows that arguing about money is the primary predictor of divorce. Regardless of their income range, debt or net worth, couples who argue about cash early in their relationship are more likely to get divorced.