15 Stories Proving That Animals Have More Compassion Than People

I hope you have some tissues ready because this one is a real tear-jerker. Animals have been considered by many to be creatures of little emotion or ingenuity, fighting and howling just to live another day.

How a Stray Dog Life Changed After Meeting a Filmmaker Hiking Himalaya

How a Stray Dog Life Changed After Meeting a Filmmaker Hiking Himalaya

Kittens So Drunk In Love You'll Love Love Too!

Beyonce showed us how much she loves JayZ in Drunk In Love, and watching these two kittens groom each other and not stay apart, makes us feel like we too as well can get Cupid's bow and be dangerously, and adorably drunk in love like these two kittens.

20 Times Pokemon GO Has Gone Too Far!

Pokémon is a game which teaches friendship, hard work, and respect for others. So as Pokémon GO mania sweeps the planet, players can be forgiven by thinking that the new mobile game will be nothing but a bit of fun. If anything, the chance to play games outside must be healthy, promoting exercise in the fresh air, right?

Thee 15 Huge Animals Are Actually Real

These giants are anything but a myth, here are abnormally large animals that really do exist!

15 Photos of Humans Damaging the Planet That Will Make You Stop and Think

Mother Earth is so beautiful and wonderful, but she has to be handled with care. Too many of us these days are abusing the World and treating it poorly. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most harrowing images of human beings destroying the planet. Let's put a stop this now, together! If this photos don't inspire you to want to make a change, then we don't know what will!

Meet The 17 World's Most Unusual Pets

People are weird. People are weird by themselves even without having weird pets. But there are weird people with weird pets. Weird pets do not necessarily have to have come from Mars or in an alien ship. Weird pets are just non-conventional pets . Normal people keep cats, dogs and other domestic animals for pets, but there are other awesomely weird people who have weird pets like bears, lions, snakes, hippos for pets. Read on to find out about these pets.

9 Animals that Act Like People

Do you ever have one of those moments when you look at an animal and think 'god he looks like Grandpa Gus' or that cat who has an attitude just like your coworker Julie. Here are a few animals that just might remind you of people you run into in life from time to time.