The Inside Of Donald Trump’s Apartment Is As Crazy As You’d Expect!

As the whole world knew, this weekend Donald Trump made a big move from his luxury residence at Trump Tower, estimated to cost over $100 million, to an even more prominent address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – The White House. His wife Melania and son Barron will continue to live in Manhattan in this posh apartment, so it’s a safe bet that Donald will be returning home more frequently than other presidents would.

Famous People Who Passed Away in 2016

Death is a respecter of no persons. And when your time comes, no one can save you. All men must die. Even the wealthy famous ones. Here’s a list of some of those who have left us this year.

Here’s What Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Look Like Before Photoshop

Thanks to the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, beauty standards have been and always will be ever-elusive and unattainable. It’s no secret that these golden girls are meticulously digitally refined and tweaked until a gorgeous woman is transformed into a goddess. While it’s undeniably evident that, photoshopped or not, these models look truly flawless, the difference between their cover photos and how they look in real life is night and day.

Cast of ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ Then and Now

It’s Christmas time! And what better way to celebrate than to watch a classic among classics: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

Shocking Celebrity Net Worths

We all know that celebrities enjoy a huge degree of wealth, but have you ever wondered just how much? Well, it’s time to stop wondering and finally get into the nitty gritty numbers. Here we have taken the time to chronicle some of the most shocking celebrity personal fortunes out there!

How Celebrities Would Look If They Were Ordinary People

Most of us are so used to seeing celebrities on glossy magazine covers and in multimillion-dollar blockbuster movies that we almost forget they’re human. Whenever we see leaked, unedited pictures of our favorite celebs without makeup, we tend to feel upset or even disappointed. So, ironically, we hate seeing ourselves in our role models.

Hilary Vs Trump: Who Famous People Voted For

The just concluded Elections in America had a lot of fuss, and created a lot of mayhem. Families were split on whom to vote for, so were friends. It seemed to split America right down to the middle. So whom did some of our beloved celebrities vote for? Read on to find out

Photos: Baby Luna – Chrissy and John Legend’s Baby!

Luna John Legend’s baby. She was born May 2016. Her mother is John Legend’s wife, Chrissey Teigen. Here are adorable pictures of baby Luna

50 Impressive Celebrity Weight Transformations

There are celebrities who have struggled the most with their weight over the years. Some have succeeded, and some are still on that journey. From lifestyle changes like dieting and exercise to going under the knife, there are tons of ways to lose weight. So this list compiles some celebrities who have successfully lost weight to give you the motivation to maintain your weight or lose some pounds.

14 Nerdy Actresses who look gorgeous in real life

You will not believe the transformations that actors have to go though in order to play some of your favorite characters. More often that not, their beauty is downplayed and they produce nerds, funny people, not so pretty looking characters. Here’s a list of awesome actresses who are almost like two different people on and off the set.

Who Is That? 15 Unbelievable Celebrity Age Transformations

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the lives of celebrities, transforming from fresh-faced young things to showbiz veterans before our eyes. And if you’ve ever been a teenager, odds are likely you went through an awkward stage at some point, unless you are Beyonce. And then of course there is aging. We know celebrities put a lot into their looks, and many of them seem to have successfully stopped the hands of time when it comes to aging, but even the brightest stars lose their luster with time. These 15 “then & now” shots will totally shock you how these celebrities have changed over the years.

Weird Celebrity Weight Loss Tricks

Celebrities go to extreme lengths to get their killer bodies. This stems from the excess social pressure that they feel to look perfect. But as we all know, there is no one with the perfect body, and we should all embrace our curves and flaws. Here are some crazy diets that you should not try without consulting a medical practitioner.