15 Incredible Inventions That Would Make Our Grandparents’ Heads Explode

Life is full of problems. Luckily, we always strive to make life easier. Medicine, flight and the internet are just a few things that we’ve made to smooth out the rough edges of life. But even in 2017, we humans are still assaulted by innumerable problems. How can I hold an umbrella and two coffees at the same time? How can I plug in all my gadgets into one power strip? How can I stop Mike from constantly stealing my mug at work?

12 Texts to Mom That Prove You’re Still NOT an Adult

These 12 texts to mom prove that you’re still not an adult. If you can’t relate to any of them (you will) then you’ve got it all figured out.

Hilarious Celeste Barber Mimics of Justin Bieber and Other Celebrities

Celeste Barber is the Australian comedy queen. She is a comedian, an actor and a writer. #celestechallengeaccepted began in Jan 2015 as a fun experiment to see what it would look like for an average person to photograph herself doing rich people things.

There Are Four Types of Drunk People. Can You Tell Which One You Are?

If you’re a frequent drinker you will probably already know what kind of drunk you are. Some people are happy drunks, some are emotional, and some like a completely different person when they’re under the influence. But scientists have whittled it down to four categories which they say everyone falls under.

10 Hilarious Comics Proving That Dogs Are Obviously Better Than Cats

Founded in 2012, the creative collaboration combines the artistic and linguistic talents of language teachers Landysh and Asia. Specializing in delightful doodles and lighthearted illustrations, Lingvistov puts a silly spin on what really matters, like love, sleep, and now dogs.

7 Fantastic Comics Show the Power of Replacing ‘Sorry’ With These Two Simple Words

Talented illustrator Yao Xiao has drawn a comic presenting a compelling argument why many of the “sorrys” should be replaced with “thank-yous.” Simply put, it’s all about accentuating the positive attitudes that people have towards you instead of driving home the point that you might be doing something wrong. Finally, a comic that gives both useful advice and food for thought!

Artist Places People’s Tinder and LinkedIn Pics Side-by-Side and The Results Are Hilarious

Social networks allow us to contact whomever we want with just a click of a button. I bet you are signed up for “Facebook” or “Twitter” or “Tumblr” or for all three at once. These sites allow you to express yourself in the way you want it, you share photos, some thoughts.

This Family’s Holiday Cards Won The Internet For 13 Years In a Row

Meet Mike and Laura Bergeron, the couple who has been winning the Internet every holiday season by making really awkward, yet undeniably hilarious, Christmas card photos. The 13th annual (2016) Bergeron family card has already racked up 340,000 views. And, everyone who has seen it understands why.

12 Wrong-Number Texts You Won’t Get Through Without Laughing

Everyone has accidentally texted a wrong number and, occasionally, received messages intended for someone else. For the recipient of a misguided text, it’s like the universe has giftwrapped and delivered a PERFECT prank opportunity. Sure, most people just politely point out the misunderstanding and many others ignore it altogether. But, luckily, some of us took full advantage of the opportunity and the results were hilarious.

12 Drunk People Who Should Stay Out of The Kitchen

We've all been there. You’ve had a few (dozen) too many and you get really hungry. But, your mind is totally compromised by fermented grain/hops/grapes, so you make really bad decisions in the kitchen. Next thing you know – you wake up with a headache, a stomach ache and no idea how that huge mystery stain got there.

15 Insane Insurance Policies That Shouldn’t Even Be Legal

What comes to mind when you consider insurance? Car insurance? Home insurance? Well, sure. It makes sense to insure these things. But are you covered for what else can happen? What if you’re sucked up from the chest by a beam of light in the middle of the night? Or what if you’re attacked by a ghost? Or what if you’re entrusted to carry and raise the next Son of God?