Couple Adopts Triplets One Week Before Finding Out They Are Expecting Twins!

In less than a year, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, couple have gone from zero children to five after a surprise triplet adoption and an even more impossible pregnancy. Andy and Sarah Justice had struggled to conceive for years and wanted nothing more than to have a baby, so they decided to look into other options. With IVF costing up to $60,000, the Justices settled on adoption instead and were soon paired with a birth mother.

This Toddler Was Being Crushed By A Dresser. Then His Superhero Brother Shows Up.

On Friday at 8:20am, mother-of-three Kayli Shoff was just waking up. As a mother of two-year-old twin boys, Brock and Bowdy, Mrs. Shoff was used to waking to the clashes and squeals of her rowdy toddlers. "It's chaotic," Shoff told CNN.

Their Mom Knew One of The Twins Didn’t Have Much Time Left.

After struggling to conceive for years, young couple Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger had every right to celebrate big after learning that they had won the baby lottery. Less than a month into her pregnancy however, their dreams turned into a living nightmare as the couple received some very devastating news.

Top 12 Most Insane NFL Mansions

Even the least famous NFL starters make well over $20 mil. Naturally, football stars live in some of the biggest, most luxurious mansions in the world.

Man Recreates Photos of His Wife With Their Daughter for Devastating Reason

In 2011, when Rafael Del Col lost his pregnant wife, Tatiane “Tati” Valques, in a car accident, he was understandably devastated after losing the woman he spent ten years with. Not only had the 30-year-old Brazilian man lost a friend and confidant when Tatiane died, he also lost an unborn child and the mother of his little girl, Raisa. He was now left to raise their 1-year-old daughter, alone.

12 Famous People Shockingly Killed In Animal Attacks

It's not uncommon for celebrities to suffer an untimely death. However, being killed in an animal attack - as opposed to the usual drug/alcohol overdose - certainly ranks as rare in Hollywood.

25 Must See Old Wild West Historical Photos

From the creation of the Transcontinental Railroad to the decimation of Native Americans, the wild west will never be forgotten. Here are some photos from that period.

If You Came Across a Backpack Stuffed With $40,000, What Would You Do With It?

For Glen James, a homeless man in Boston, the answer was simple.