After Letting A Stranger Work A Day In Her Cafe, Two Weeks Later The Man Gives Her A Huge Surprise

When Marcus, a homeless man who sleeps on Minneapolis’ Lake Street nearby, walked into Cesia Abigail’s cafe, he probably expected to be turned away immediately.

The 15 Most Common Habits That Yield To Divorce

Think infidelity is the number one cause for divorce? Think again. As it turns out, money is one of the top triggers for spousal splits. In fact, research shows that arguing about money is the primary predictor of divorce. Regardless of their income range, debt or net worth, couples who argue about cash early in their relationship are more likely to get divorced.

No One Wants To Live On These Amazing Uninhabited Islands

Especially for an introvert, moving to a desert island where there are no other people sounds like a welcome respite. Perhaps you're tired of the traffic, people, and annoying little alerts that are constantly buzzing on your phone.

Meet The Incredible Island That Will Give You a Job And Some Land if You Move There

Seriously, no joke! A beautiful island at the end of Nova Scotia, Canada, is trying to reverse population decline with a unique job advert. If you’re willing to move to Cape Breton permanently, The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, in the remote village of Whycocomagh, wants you. It admits their wages aren’t exactly great – but what they can offer a new employee is access to two acres of woodland to put a home on.