Couple Adopts Triplets One Week Before Finding Out They Are Expecting Twins

In less than a year, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, couple have gone from zero children to five after a surprise triplet adoption and an even more impossible pregnancy.

(Image Credits: Facebook/Andy-Sarah Justice, NBC)

Andy and Sarah Justice had struggled to conceive for years and wanted nothing more than to have a baby, so they decided to look into other options. With IVF costing up to $60,000, the Justices settled on adoption instead and were soon paired with a birth mother.

After being paired with a birth mother and arranging the adoption, Sarah Justice accompanied the birth mother to a routine doctor’s appointment, which yielded a shocking revelation. There on the ultrasound screen, Sarah and the birth mother saw a real rarity. Not one. Not two. But three babies were on the way.

(Image Credits: Facebook/Andy-Sarah Justice, NBC)

Sarah described the incredible scene to Tulsa World. “What does that mean?” a confused Sarah asked the adoption agency. Officials told her that it changed nothing. Because it’s still just one pregnancy, technically it counts as one adoption. That means that unless they backed out now, the Justices would be getting all three babies – which would only be the start of the Justices’ baby mayhem.