How a Stray Dog Life Changed After Meeting a Filmmaker Hiking Himalaya

The Maya Foundation, Pinterest, Tim Gorski

Only true pros and adventurers dare to scale the treacherous cliffsides of the Himalaya mountains. Filmmaker and animal activist, Tim Gorski, was trekking up to the famed Taksand Palphug Monastery (also known as The Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan when something stopped him dead in his tracks.


A stray dog crossed his path. When he laid eyes on the poor dog, he knew exactly what needed to be done, and he knew it needed to be done fast. Lost and alone, the poor dog was on the brink of death due to a nasty case of mange. This deeply troubled Tim, who had been travelling for days to reach the monastery, and led him to put his original mission on hold…

Image Credits: Facebook / The Maya Foundation, Pinterest, Facebook / Tim Gorski

Apparently left to fend for himself, the sick mutt was missing around half of his hair after being ravaged by mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. But thankfully help was on hand from Mr. Gorski, who called a local rescue group to save the unwell animal from impending death.

Transport was arranged with a local tour company to bring the dog down to the Maya Foundation’s Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (TMF). As soon as he arrived he got “the Barnyard Spa” treatment, meaning a haircut, bath and pedicure.

The Maya Foundation shaved most of his remaining fur off to treat the mange and gave him a small red shirt. That’s a trick many rescue centers use to not only keep a dog slightly warmer, but also to comfort a dog. Covering a dog’s chest can often provide a sense of calm for dogs in unfamiliar situations.


It wasn’t even two weeks under the care of TMF and his skin already looked smoother and healthier. And now the dog – named Tim after his rescuer – is the picture of health after making a full recovery. Just two weeks after being rescued, the group posted a picture of Tim looking great.

And now, in a snap taken several days ago, the happy pooch has a whole new lease of life – and full body of black hair. When Tim Gorski saw the changes he was blown away. Sharing the heart-warming picture on Facebook, heroic Mr. Gorski had an equally powerful message to match:

“This is how the world works, folks, through random acts of love and kindness rather than detachment and indignation. I urge everyone to not simply walk by when you see an animal suffering. Take the time. Connect with the animal. Make the call if need be. But do something. Don’t just walk by feeling sorry or helpless because you are not. But the animals often are.”

He looked much better afterwards and The Maya Foundation said he “is such a cool, playful guy.” Within a matter of weeks, Tim was looking much better, even handsome, and his fur was growing back!


A happy and furry Tim is still living at The Maya Foundation. “Here is sweet Tim the dog from Taktsang, and the moment he met his soon-to-be rescuer,” The Maya Foundation wrote on Facebook when sharing Tim’s photo.

“As many people take this holy pilgrimage to pray and make offerings, I’m quite sure Tim made the same journey knowing he could find salvation there – such a smart doggie!” Can you believe that they are the same dog? The adorable pooch is almost unrecognizable now.

Here is the take home message we must remember from Tim’s experience: You are not helpless, the suffering animal is. Just one phone call is all it takes. There are rescues and shelters that would be happy to come rescue and care for the animal. But they don’t know the animal is out there unless someone calls to tell them.

One person can make a difference, just look at Tim, the dog! It just goes to show you what can be accomplished when people are willing and able to help those in need. The Maya Foundation’s Barnyard Animal Rescue & Sanctuary takes in all kinds of animals from goats and burros to dogs and cats.


Share Tim’s remarkable recovery with your friends! His rescue is a wonderful reminder to never turn a blind eye to an animal in need.