When Military Dad Turned To Wave Goodbye He Saw The Unexpected

When Military Dad Turned To Wave Goodbye He Saw The Unexpected

Can't Leave Just Yet

Daily Mail

He walked alongside his fellow soldiers, ready to head out on their next mission. His time at home had been short and the deployment would be long, but by now he was used to it. Although he wondered if his family was more affected by his absence than he was. He turned to wave one last goodbye to them, hoping they knew how much he loved them. But what he saw at his back took his breath away.


Playing Catch With Dad

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

Military goodbyes are always emotional, and so are reunions. Josiah James went with his mother and sister to Family Day at the ballpark, where Josiah was chosen to throw the first pitch of the game. Little did he know that the man behind the catcher’s mask was Staff Sgt. Jesse James - his father. He’d been away for a year in Korea and was fresh off the plane. “Daddy!” screamed Josiah when Jesse took the mask off.

The next photo shows there is nothing like a father seeing his little princess again.

Daddy's Little Princess

The Scranton Times-Tribune

Soldiers from the Pennsylvania Army National Guard were returning home from Kuwait. Their families waited anxiously as the buses rolled in. 3-year-old Lily Gudaitis wore a T-shirt that read “Your princess missed you,” paired with a red, white and blue tutu. She saw her father, Sgt. Charles Gudaitis, and ran toward him before jumping into his arms.

These two young boys were at school, not knowing what awaited them...

Parade For Dad

YouTube/Military Coming Home

Second-grader Damon Ricky and his brother Noah stood in their school’s hallway, getting ready for a parade. All the children held USA-themed signs that were meant to welcome a soldier home. What Damon and Noah didn’t know was that the soldier was their father, Specialist Mars Ricky, who’d been stationed overseas for a year. When Specialist Ricky walked through the hallway, Damon cried “Daddy!” before rushing to hug him.

But sometimes, the hugs mean goodbye.

Goodbye Hugs

Task And Purpose

About 170 soldiers from the California Army National Guard were scheduled to ship out on a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan. Sgt. James Fontenot’s children, Scarlett and James, accompanied him to the National Guard office in Oroville to say goodbye. The kids gave him a big hug as he told them how much he’d miss them.

Sometimes, the reunion is more entertaining than the game you came to see.


The Best Prize Ever

YouTube/Military Coming Home

A woman and her three kids were at a basketball game when they were picked by the announcer to answer a trivia question to win movie tickets. But instead of a question on the screen, it was her husband, Staff Sgt. Nathan Nenninger, who’d just gotten back from Afghanistan. A stadium door opened and the Sgt. came out, while his wife rushed to hug him and everyone around cheered.

And other times, the surprisers end up being the surprised.

Surprised Sevenfold


A wife and her seven children went to the airport to welcome their husband and father home from deployment. As they waited patiently at the arrival gate, with a big banner in their hands, they had no idea their dad had a surprise for them. He walked up from behind, and as they turned around they all smiled and laughed and gave him a big hug.

This following surprise was a double whammy.

Sneaky Homecoming

YouTube/Military Coming Home

Germaine is a mother of 7, grandmother of 16, and great-grandmother of 22 children. For her 80th birthday, her daughter Dawna planned a surprise party for her. But the bigger surprise was for Dawna herself, because her son, Cory, was home from Fort Bragg. While everyone was wishing Germaine happy birthday, Cory appeared, prompting his mother to scream “Oh my god!”

Sometimes it’s not the surprise that counts, but the whole family being together.

In Sickness And In Health

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

Dozens of families were gathered there, waiting for their military loved ones who were coming home from overseas. But no reunion was more special than that of a soldier, his wife, his daughter, and his sick son. Though the little boy was hooked to an oxygen machine, his mother did everything in her power so he could be there as his father got off the plane. The effort was worth it.

And remember that soldier who turned around to a big surprise?


One Last Hug

Daily Mail

The Spanish Royal Air Force was headed to the Mediterranean, where they had been tasked with breaking up smuggling rings who were taking advantage of desperate migrants and refugees from Africa and Asia. As they walked on the tarmac at the Moron Air Base in Seville, one soldier turned around to find his daughter running toward him. She wanted one last hug, and he obliged - protocol be damned.

These boys got the best present they could have asked for.

The Greatest Gift

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

Two young boys stood there in front of the package, eager to open it. It was a present from their father, who was away on deployment. As they struggled to cut the tape open, a man walked up behind them - it was dad. Both boys were none the wiser until the oldest turned around and gasped. The soldier hugged the boys, as they whispered to him “I missed you.”

When you receive a big surprise, but don’t know another one is coming...

Happy Birthday

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

It was a young woman’s birthday, and her friends and family had gathered at her house to surprise her. They all yelled “Surprise!” as she walked through the door. What she didn’t know was that, at the top of the stairs and hidden from view, was her brother who’d just come home from deployment. When she saw him, she put her hands on her face and started crying - but they were tears of joy.

Reunions at ball games are always a joy to see, like this one.

Field Of Dreams

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

A woman and her two kids were at a baseball game when suddenly the MC made an announcement and a man in uniform came out, holding a bouquet of flowers. When he got to the center of the field, he dropped to his knees and stretched out his arms as a little girl ran towards him. Then the woman and her other kid followed to welcome their husband and father home.

A surprise homecoming doesn’t always have to be a big affair, as you will see next.


Hugs For Dessert

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

The soldier walked down the sidewalk, with his friend close behind, filming. “Stop walking so fast,” said the cameraman, but the soldier was just so excited. He walked into a packed restaurant, then crouched as he walked so as not to be spotted. Finally, he came upon a big table where his family was having dinner. “Oh my god!” exclaimed his mother as she stood up to hug him. Everybody else at the table soon followed suit.

But there’s nothing like the smile of a daughter seeing her father again.

No Words

YouTube/Soldiers Welcome Home

A young hearing-impaired girl was at school when her teacher told her that her dad, who was deployed, was calling her on FaceTime to say hi. She sat in front of the computer talking to him, not knowing he was actually in the hallway outside. When he walked in, the surprised look on her face was worth a thousand words.