This Guy Tried To Rescue A Beaver, Got A Surprise Instead

Dead Weight

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Jim furiously struggled to free the trapped animal. He knew they were already working on borrowed time. He and his team had been hard at work for hours trying to lift the beaver out of the mud trap. But Jim had no idea what he had done. As soon as he looked closer, he let out a yelp and stumbled backward. This creature was no beaver at all. What had Jim done?


An Unsuspecting Local

Facebook/ Jim Passmore

Jim Passmore was a local of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This area was known for its incredible scenic beauty. Anyone lucky enough to call this place home was truly blessed. Rolling hills, crystal blue lakes, and many more beautiful vistas were everyday sightings for these folks. But one day, Jim would find something much more than he had ever bargained for. And it all started on a casual stroll with his dogs.

A Casual Stroll Leads To A Massive Discovery

Jim enjoyed the surroundings of his local area. As such, he regularly took his two dogs out for a walk. The trio frequented the same path. This path ran along the banks of their local creek. However, one day on one of their many walks, Jim found something mysterious. This walk would quickly turn out to be like no other they had done before. As Jim rounded the bend of the creek, something odd caught his eye.

Dogs Grow Weary

Facebook/ Jim Passmore

As Jim approached the mystery mound, he noticed a bizarre change in his animals. The dogs immediately began to growl as they drew nearer. The mysterious object looked like it home sort of cage. Jim started walking towards it, but his dogs didn’t let him. They knew something was off, his dogs began retreating the scene and even started yelping. Jim knew this would not make his discovery mission easy. So, he hightailed it back to his home, dropped off his dogs and raced back to the spot in the creek. But as he made his way closer, he swore he saw something indescribable.

Unexpected Discovery

He followed his intuition and continued to get closer to the mysterious object. As he was doing so, the object was becoming more visible. Now he knew what it was. An animal cage and it was apparent it had been there for some time. Holding his breath, he got close to it and peered inside. The cage looked like the type you would use to transport animals, but when he took a closer look, shivers immediately went up and down his spine.


Something Was There

A terrible smell came out from the cage. Jim took a closer look and saw why. There were feces all over the ground of the enclosure, a blanket, and a weighted chain. Someone had done this. Someone had chained something into this cage, but now, it wasn’t there. Examining the animal carrier, he saw weird marks all over it. More distinctly, there was a huge ‘bite’ on the side of it. Jim knew he had to get out of there, whatever this animal was, it seemed dangerous. But before he could move, he felt something staring at him.

Friend Or Foe

Something was out there in the woods, hiding. He could feel it. Jim’s hands began to sweat, and his heart thudded against his chest with immense pressure. He started to make noises to scare it away, but it didn't budge. It seemed not to be afraid of Jim, which made Jim incredibly terrified. Suddenly, the animal moved closer coming out of the bushes. It was a beaver, and it had been watching him. The creature and Jim made eye contact and then, hurried away. Jim knew something was up.

Where Was He Going?

Jim thought this whole thing was very peculiar. He was suspicious of everything that surrounded him, but something was pulling him to follow the beaver. First, his dogs were wary of the cage, and now the animal seemed to be signaling him to follow. Apprehensive, Jim did. He soon figured out that the creature wanted his help and that he appeared to be following a path. Where was this animal taking him? And what did he want?


The beaver finally came to a halt, and Jim looked around. He took everything in. The dampness of the woods and the ground that had become soft. He had no idea what he was doing there or how long he had been following the critter. But it seemed like the beaver knew all along. A couple of feet away from where he was standing he saw it, there was something there, struggling.


Stuck In The Mud

Facebook/ Jim Passmore

Up ahead, he noticed an odd mound in the dirt which seemed to be moving. Curious, Jim ventured forward and quickly saw that there was an animal stuck in the mud. Just off the bank of the creek, a large creature seemed to be squirming. Jim quickly jumped into action. He had to help the poor critter out. But one thing kept playing on his mind. Jim had no idea what animal he was dealing with.

Local To The Area


After spending a few minutes with the creature, Jim realized it must’ve been a giant beaver, just like the one who had led him there. These animals were common to the area. And it all seemed to make complete sense to Jim now. The poor creature must’ve gotten stuck in a mud trap and unable to free itself. Jim called in a few friends and together, they rallied to free the beaver. But the group had forgotten an incredibly important thing about this creature.

Bare Your Teeth

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Beavers are incredibly territorial. They have even been known to attack humans in the past. And this guy was no different. As the team approach, the animal actually bit one of Jim’s friends. This caused great alarm as beavers usually would bite when carrying rabies. The team member rushed off to the hospital while the others remained to help the animal. Jim had to come up with a plan to avoid it attacking again.

A Solution Is Reached

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Jim realized he had to cover the animal’s head. He had no idea the poor thing had been trapped there for. But surely, the vulnerability of the situation was alarming the creature. As such, he took off his jersey and wrapped it around the creature’s head. At first, the beaver struggled. But quickly, it calmed down. This allowed the team to work faster around the animal. But one problem remained; the beaver would not budge.


Difficult Circumstances

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Jim and the team needed a plan to hoist the animal to safety. They had tried to dig around the beaver but since the creature was half submerged, their attempts were futile. Then, it occurred to Jim. They needed a pully system! Someone quickly found a piece of rope. Jim fastened it around the creature’s middle. This would surely work. But quickly, they realized that there was one massive flaw in this plan.

More Than Meets The Eye

Facebook/ Jim Passmore

The rescue team pulled and pulled. But the beaver was refusing to budge. It seemed as though he was well and truly stuck. However, as they struggled on, eventually the team felt the animal give way. This gave them a new sense of will to try even harder than before. And as they gave one final yank, the beaver was lifted to safety. But as Jim wiped the mud from the animal’s face, he stumbled backward. This was not a beaver at all!

A Stranger Revealed

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Jim was amazed as he wiped the mud away from the animal’s face. There, beneath the brown dirt, was a quivering, beautiful sheepdog. Jim held his breath in surprise. He had this creature all wrong. Instead of a territorial beaver, they had been dealing with a frightened dog all along. And the most surprising, the beaver from the beginning had known all along, but still helped him. The dog seemed to have been there for quite some time but still looked in ok condition, except being stuck. Was this dog being taken care of by the beaver? This called for a new strategy. They couldn’t merely release a dog into the wild as they would’ve a beaver. But Jim knew just what to do next.

Calling In The Professionals

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Immediately, Jim dialed up the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. The team quickly took action to get the dog into their care. But the dog still presented a few problems. He was incredibly unreceptive to humans. The team sure had their work cut out for them. They named him Teddy, because of his big, cuddly appearance. But the local vet had unfortunate news to share on Teddy’s behalf.


A Dire Prognosis

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The vet revealed Teddy had a severe weight issue. The pup was morbidly obese. This was probably why he had struggled to free himself from the muddy embankment. This was also taking a dire toll on his joints. It seemed that Teddy was unable to get up and lie down easily. Furthermore, the vet suspected he had been stuck in the creek for days, leaving him with a slight case of PTSD. However, not all hope was lost.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Facebook/ Oklahoma Alliance For Animals

Although he seemed to hate most people, there was one woman who Teddy allowed to get close to him. The receptionist at the animal shelter had made an impression on the dog. Daily, she would visit Teddy. Until one day, he allowed her to give him a cuddle without a fuss. This spread hope amidst the shelter workers as it showed Teddy was warming up to people. As such, they thought it was time to do something for Teddy.

Teddy’s Big Debut


After he grew warmer towards people, the shelter decided it was time to advertise Teddy for adoption. But they were hesitant. Teddy was suspected to be eight years old, and older dogs sometimes battle to be adopted. But people took to Teddy like a fish to water! The public could not wait to come and meet this incredible animal. And no doubt, ten months after his muddy ordeal, Teddy would find his forever home. But would he finally have his happy ending?