Policemen Make Public’s Day By Driving This Car Around

Repossessed Goods

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Cops aren’t necessarily notorious for their sense of humor. However, one police force showed their lighter side when repossessing a vehicle. But the story surrounding the car wasn’t as light-hearted as the cops made it. The backstory of the truck was birthed out of a long pursuit of a hot suspect. One man who had been plaguing a town for years.


A Quiet Town


Ketchum was an idyllic little town on the surface. This sleepy Idaho getaway had a population of little over two-thousand. During ski season, a person will witness this quaint little town come to life, as it is located near to Sun Valley. However, the rest of the year marks a pretty slow season for Ketchum. That was until something began to hit the streets of the town.

Sneaky Side Deals

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Ketchum was quickly becoming riddled with drug use. Cops kept finding teenagers running amok in possession of various substances. However, they had no idea where it was coming from. Their town had never been notorious as a drug haven. But month after month, cops began to notice more and more substances arising throughout the streets. They were desperate to find the source of this and entered into numerous mission to do so. But along with the drugs, other problems began to rise which kept the force busy.

A Problem Plagues The Community

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With drugs comes other complications. The police force began to notice a rise in petty theft. It would appear people were trying to find quick solutions to support their habits. On top of this, more drug-related medical issues began to surface at the local hospital. People were being rushed in for ODs and other such traumas by the week. Upon interviewing a man in custody, the police found their first lead into who they were looking for.

The Candy Man

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Apparently, the reported dealer was going by the name of The Candyman. This is a commonly used pseudonym within the drug world. But unfortunately for the police force, this pseudonym was all they had. They were alarmed at how one man had begun to control an entire town. The force quickly lost faith in the operation. The Candyman was elusive, to say the least. But one day, they happened on a spot of luck.


A Lead Is Leaked

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One day, the police were able to catch a dealer in the act. This was a great find for them as dealers would be able to lead them to the source. After much interrogation, the unit finally got the man to crack. And there they had it. A name had been leaked to the unit! And not just a made-up nickname. But there, in black and white, the cops saw the name of the man who they had to take down. But this would prove to be a challenge.

Evading The Inevitable

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The Candy Man, otherwise known as George Henry Brown, made the cops life a misery. For five months, he managed to evade the force. On numerous occasions, he silently slipped underneath the radar of their many raids. But, like a rabid dog, the police had now tasted blood. And they would not relent until they had Brown in their possession. And so, they decided to pay a little game with the perp.

Time Is Running Out

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The cops decided to play a waiting game with Brown. They would lull him into a false sense of security by “dropping” their pursuit of him. Yes, drug trade had diminished since they began to pursue Brown. But this was not good enough. They needed to stop him, once and for all. And so, they devised a fail-proof plan to do just that.

A Sensitive Operation

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Just as they had anticipated, as they drew back their reigns on the investigation, Brown began to surface once more. The cops started to notice drug-related calls on the rise once again. Petty theft had resurfaced its ugly face and possession related arrests were at an all-time high. And this is just what they wanted. Slowly, they tracked Brown’s every movement. Until one day, the timing was utterly perfect.


The Take Down

The cops burst into Brown’s headquarters one afternoon. There, they caught the man red-handed. Although he tried to flee, his attempt was utterly futile. The cops had carefully planned their seize. This made it impossible for Brown to evade them yet again. Finally! The cops had their perp incarcerated. But this bust had one more surprise for them. And this was a sweet reward for months of suffering.

Claiming Their Prize

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As the police searched through The Candy Man’s house, they found mounds of incriminating evidence. Brown was indicted on seven felony counts in total. He was charged with the delivery of heroin and methamphetamine amongst other charges. But the sweetest reward lay within his garage. As the cops entered, they found his prized possession: a heavy-duty truck. And soon, this would become their prized possession as well. With a hilarious twist.

Cops Reveal Their Lighter Side

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Due to the laws of the land, the cops were able to repossess the truck as part of the force’s vehicles. But what really got the public going was the message they shared on the back. In bold black writing, the cops announced: “This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: he went to jail and we are driving his car”. From the moment the rebranded truck took to the streets, the community couldn’t get enough of it!

Community Responds

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When the story was shared on social media, people couldn’t help but comment. "That's what I'm talking about," one member commented. "GOD BLESS Our police!" another person shared. All in all, the truck had left the community in high spirits. This was much needed after the months of drug problems they had experienced over the last while. But apart from bringing a smile to people’s faces, the truck did one more thing.


Awareness Is Important

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The newly claimed police vehicle sent a message through the community. To the citizens, they knew the police force were vigilant. To possible future drug dealers, the cops showed their presence with fair warning. All in all the final takedown of The Candy Man was a massive success. But more amazingly, was the coverage which the story received thereafter.

Cops Make Their Mark

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The light-heartedness of the story touched more than just the hearts of the Ketchum community. This story was shared on a global scale. The police force really made their presence known far and wide. Today, the Ketchum community is once again a pleasant, quiet, happy little place to visit. And it is all thanks to the relentlessness of one determined police unit.