Woman’s Stroke of Creativity Help Her Dodge A Fine From The Police After An Emergency Stop

Creativity is Key

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Dodging a parking ticket is pretty much impossible nowadays, but one woman from the UK had the most ingenious idea to do just that. Of course, she had a perfect excuse, but still, how did she manage to persuade the cops to lift her fine? Creatively of course! And, not just that, but their answer is also epic.


Law-Abiding Citizen

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Around the world, we all kind of know where we should or shouldn’t park. Some people flip the coin and park there anyway, but what if you are a completely law-abiding citizen but still have no choice? If you’re going to be a couple of minutes, fair enough, but the convenience might outweigh the risk!

You Can’t Park There

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Parking your car on double yellow lines is a complete no-no, but what if you had literally no other choice than to leave your vehicle somewhere prohibited? Jane Parsons, from Salisbury England, recently got hit with a fine for leaving her car in front of her house, but of course…on top of these distinctive and illegal lines.


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Some might say she had a choice and that in that case the fine could be excused, some would say she didn’t have a good enough excuse for this. But, when she got back from her ‘excusable run’ she found a fine right on her windshield, she consequently began to think of ways she could explain herself.

Sweet Talker

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Have you ever thought you could compel or talk yourself out of something? Why not right? We all must try, and good thing we sometimes do, it can be very rewarding. Every driver fears of being slapped with an irritating parking fine, but if you fight your corner, maybe, you may be able to get out of it. But, did Jane Parson’s excuse really avoid paying the ticket?


Emergency Stop


Ms. Parsons was right in front of her house running an errand, she was packing up her car with cakes and baked goods to sell at a fundraiser at a local riding club. But, what had her run into the house and leave her car so unexpectedly? Even though she knew this was wrong, she just had to do it.

Two Choices

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Unfortunately for Jane, she was overcome by a terrible upset stomach (“a nervous tum”) and needed to run to the toilet as soon as possible. Even though she did know she was parked somewhat illegally, she had two choices… one choice was pretty nasty, and the other alternative seemed to be the better and more hygienic one.

In Desperate Need

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So, she did. She left her car and ran to her house in desperate need of the bathroom. After this, she saw the parking fine. Ms. Parsons completely understood why she got ticketed, but still, as she had no other choice but to dash to the little girls’ room, she decided to write an ingenious letter.

A Rhyming Poem

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The 53-year-old got creative and wrote to her local police station (Wiltshire Council's Parking Services) about her incident – and decided to write it in a rhyming poem form. With this, she wanted to explain what had happened and hopefully dodge the fine. The extraordinary poem Ms. Parsons wrote did not only rhyme immensely but made people chuckle all over the world.


For the Toilet, I Had To Run

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Ms. Parsons wrote: “Dear Sir, or to whom it may concern / A parking fine I did earn. I was parked outside my house on yellow lines / Intending to move and dodge your fines. But on Sunday I was loading my car / With food and cakes for a horseshow; not far / Before these events / I get a nervous tum / For the toilet I had to run. / And with not a moment to lose / I made it indoors to release my poos! / I couldn’t move until all was done / But when I returned the fine was done. / I thought it better was be discreet / And leave the car parked in the street. / Next time I’ll move and not be a pain / But if I get caught short, I’ll s*** in the drain.”

Rhyming Cops

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However, Ms. Parsons was stunned when the cops responded with their own rhyming note, and had plenty of sympathy for Jane, their letter said: "It's difficult to know the truth/ And quite often we would ask for proof/But the photographs the officer has taken/Shows that indeed, you had been baking/ So on this occasion we are pleased to say/The council accept your appeal, you do not have to pay."

Butts Road


Ms. Parsons told the BBC she was shocked to have “got out of the fine, even though I was parked in the wrong place.” And not just that, but to everyone’s dismay, this incident happened on Ms. Parsons street in Salisbury England, which is named Butts Road. Coincidence? I think not.