A Single $1 Bill Could Be Worth Thousands. See What Collectors Are Looking For

Hidden Wealth


He had a terrible, sinking feeling. His mouth was dry, his heart started to pound, and his blood pressure was rising. His stomach churned as he looked at the bill. That single piece of paper sent him into a flat panic. It was a nasty surprise, and it came in the mail. Almost everyone has felt this kind of terror before. Then he remembered to look inside his wallet.


Another Man's Trash...

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Have you ever had that same sinking feeling? It could be an unexpected traffic fine, a doctor’s bill, or an unforeseen expense. Most of us have felt this rising panic at the thought of not being able to pay a bill at some point in our lives. But your one-way ticket out of trouble could have been nestled in your wallet all along, If only you had known what to look for.


The Sassy Pack Rat

Collectors have always been collecting the strangest things that most of us would deem worthless, from Coca-Cola cans to Troll Dolls, and even nail clippings. Chances are that you may have a goldmine right under your nose. One of the newest fads in the collecting world is something most of us keep on our person at all times.

Cash In The Attic

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We’ve all heard the Cash-In-The-Attic and rags to riches anecdotes, and wondered if we possess anything of value that we’ve underestimated. We’ve wondered if we have some rarity buried in our garage or basement gathering dust. Unfortunately, we’d have to sift through the rubble and have our things appraised. We would have to be proactive. It seems like hard work. And it’s unnecessary work, at that.

The Eye Of The Beholder

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Forget all the dust collectors in storage. One of the most lucrative things you own could be in your pocket at this very moment. We use it every day. We gain it, we lose it. We love it, we hate it. And collectors increasingly love to collect it. Collectors love to collect it not because of its literal value, but to satisfy an almost compulsive desire for numbers in certain sequences.


The Significance In Sequences

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Have you ever felt an odd sensation of satisfaction when you have completed a perfect set of sequences? It is described by many as a pleasant feeling of “completeness”. That feeling is linked with the pleasure receptors in the brain, and is often experienced by collectors. Collecting also requires the right “eye” for things perceived as valuable and a certain amount of expertise. We’ll come back to this in a minute.

The Most Common Object In The World

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Collectors are willing to fork out dumbfounding amounts for one of the most common objects in the world. It is estimated that 38 million of these sought-after everyday objects are produced per day, and everybody has owned at least one at some point. And collectors are not collecting them for historical record or sentiment, but for the most arbitrary reason imaginable.


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Take out your wallet. Or purse, for that matter. Study it. It’s an ordinary, everyday object. Maybe it’s emblazoned with a famous designer’s moniker, or maybe it’s a worn, weather-beaten piece of brown leather. It doesn’t matter who you are, you may have hit the jackpot. The best kind of jackpot – one you never even entered. There could be a winning lottery ticket inside.

Treasure In The Corner


Have you ever studied a dollar bill? It’s an unassuming piece of paper, but it could be hiding something that’s worth thousands to the right collector. And, unlike antiques and rarities, you don’t need any sort of special expertise to be able to see it. It’s all right there in the top left hand corner.


Mystifying To Most

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Have you ever had a look at the serial numbers on your dollar bills? The numbers may seem mystifying and most people wouldn’t give them a second glance, but they are extremely important to collectors. In fact, they are so important that they are willing to pay thousands for dollar bills with certain sequences of numbers.

Look For These Magic Numbers

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So, which sequences in the serial numbers on your dollar bills are most collectable? On one website, you can purchase a $1 with the serial number 00000002 for an incredible $2,500! And that’s just the start of the “fancy” serial number collection. Take note, the amounts are huge for other serial numbers in certain sequences.

Low Numbers And Solids

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Banknotes with low numbers in the sequence, for example 00000001 to 00000100 are highly sought after, but so are palindromes, like 23599532. “Solids”, with repeated number like 33333333 could fetch a whopping $13,000. And these are just a few examples of “fancy” serial numbers. That’s 13000 times more than face value of your old dollar bill!

Radar Repeaters

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Collectors also covet “radar repeaters”, which are numbers in a Fibonacci sequence, like 01111110, 10000001, or 80000008, or “double quads”, like 11110000. Collectors find rows of 0’s particularly soothing to look at and are willing to pay amazing amounts of cash for these. Now you have an idea what to look for, but there are more outrageous sequences to come...


The Pi Sequence

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The most sought-after bill and rare dollar notes at the moment have serial numbers in the sequence of pi, such as 31415927.These numbers are less likely to be noticed by the everyday person, and this drives up the value exponentially. Collectors are willing to pay a whopping $25,000 for these bills with special mathematical sequences.

You'll Never Look At A $1 Bill The Same Way

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So now you know which banknotes to look for, you’ll probably never look at your dollar the same way again. Next time you are in a jam or strapped for cash, whip out your wallet and study the 8 digit serial numbers on the top left corner of your banknotes. You may have just won the lottery!