Woman Is Alone In Parking Lot At Night, But Look What Happens When Cops Shows Up

Not Alone

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Her heart thudded louder and louder, pulse pounding in her ears. She was not used to walking out to her car alone. A ball formed in her stomach as she got the courage to open the doors while her shoes clacked on the floor tiles. She could hear a faraway siren, but not close enough to protect her. Her car was the only one in the parking lot, but what she didn't know was that she was not alone.



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An Indiana woman was closing up after her shift when she realized something inevitable. That night, she was all alone. Terri Mae works at Erin’s House for grieving children as a child grief specialist. She is used to dealing with other people’s misfortunes, but that night, she was not prepared to deal with her own.

Someone Was Watching

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We all have had the experience she encountered – walking across a dark parking lot, alone, hoping to make it to our car quickly and safely. On this particular night, as she was closing for the day, it soon hit her that she was alone. Terri was used to finishing up around the same time her colleague would too, Benjamin. What she didn’t truly know at the time was that she was all but alone.

Safety In Numbers

Erin's House For Grieving Children

Benjamin and Terri would make this terrifying short walk together and feel safe as they had one another. As she began walking towards the door, she couldn’t help feeling like something or someone was watching her from the outside. The doorknob felt icy in her palm, and Terri began fumbling with her keys. She would never have expected what she found.

Shadowy Figure

Who might have stayed behind, and still hadn’t left? She wondered looking out into the dark parking lot. An uneasy feeling settled in as she tried to be completely aware of her surroundings. She could hardly see it, the shadowy figure. But, even though she questioned herself, she already knew the answer.



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Terri mustered up the courage, held her head up high and opened the door. The door swished open letting the cool breeze of the night send shivers through her spine. That night, the temperature had dropped, even though it was still summer. She grabbed her purse. Behind her, the doors snapped shut. She turned around; she needed to close the doors.

Skin Crawl

Erin's House for Grieving Children

Her skin crawled the slow minute she was closing the doors. One step down - she thought. She had securely set up the alarm and locked up Erin’s House. She still clutched her bag tightly as she could see her car, but that wasn’t the only thing she could see.

Taking Form

In the distance, the shadowy figure began taking form. It was a car. A car that was parked a couple of feet away from her own. Was she being stalked? Tendrils of terror curled into her stomach and fear clogged her throat. Smoke rose from the car’s rear, and lights protruded from the front. And that’s when she saw it. Someone was in the car.


As she walked to her car, cold sweat trickled down her sides, and her breath stalled. She could hear the engine of the car in the distance. Stomach knotted she continued to walk towards her car, but then, as she got to her car and took out her keys, she stopped in disbelief.


Deep Breaths

Fort Wayne Police Department

From where she was standing she could see the mysterious car. Written across the vehicle was the text and logo of the Fort Wayne Police Department. A deep breath released from her chest. She was comforted to see a patrol car sitting in the parking lot where she had parked too. But, that was not the only surprise of the night.

Make Sure I Was Safe

Terri Mae / Facebook

Terri approached the car and thanked the officer inside. She then felt incredibly touched by his response. “I walked over to thank him, and he told me that he specifically came back because he saw that there was only one car left in the parking lot and he wanted to make sure the driver (me) got to the car safely!” Terri posted on Facebook.


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Officer Hunter went far and beyond to make sure Terri made it to her car safely that day. “After talking, I learned that, through many different avenues, he is a mentor to the youth in our area! How lucky are we to have such an amazing man keeping us safe! Thank you, Officer Hunter! You blessed my night tonight!” An amazing man indeed! The story touched many people’s hearts and was comforted by the actions of this officer.

A Proud Department

Fort Wayne Police Department / Facebook

Fort Wayne Police Department are no strangers to going beyond their line of duty to make sure their citizens are safe and secure. They even wrote a post on their own Facebook Page praising the officer: “We are proud to have Officer Quinton Hunter as a member of the Fort Wayne Police Department!”


Incredible Mentors

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Officers of the police department prepare different kinds of events throughout the year for their community. They target a lot of different areas but are incredible mentors for the youth. Throughout the year they have done safety fairs, special Olympics breakfasts, passport to manhood events, they have given away bicycle lights to middle school students and even a battling breast cancer event where they made their own pink badge to give out to people in the community.

True Inspiration

Fort Wayne Police Department / Facebook

Fort Wayne Police Department made Terri’s night. She was incredibly frightened that night but now is at ease knowing that the patrols in her town go so far to keep their citizens safe. The department’s commitment to serve and protect their town is a true inspiration for all of us!