When She Saw What Mom Was Doing In Parking Lot, She Knew She Had To Do Something About It


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A woman in North Dakota couldn’t help but take her phone out as she saw what was going on before her. She couldn’t believe it. She knew she had to tape it, no one would take action otherwise. The temperature was below freezing, and still, this mom had the audacity to do this to her kids.


Need To Record

Holly Renee Uranker / Facebook

Holly Renee, a North Dakota resident, was doing her shopping one freezing day in winter. She was getting warmed up in her car before going outside into the piles of snow. The parking lot was full, everyone had decided to stock up for the winter storm. As she was getting the courage to go outside and trek the short distance to the supermarket, she saw something that left her scrambling for her phone. She needed to record it.

Coats, Sweaters, Fuzzy Mittens


When winter arrives, most parents know its time for coats, sweaters, fuzzy mittens, and leg warmers. And more, if we are talking about North Dakota, where snowstorms are the usual for the dark winter months. In the town of Williston, ND, temperatures can go as low as below freezing, and the average annual snowfall is 46 inches! But one mom did not seem to have gotten the memo.

Viral Video


Holly Renee was so outraged by the mom’s behavior that after taping the video, she continued to post it on the local towns Facebook page: New Williston Connections. Immediately, a social media firestorm followed comments flooded in with people being completely appalled this could ever happen in their town. Commenters decided to call the police, they knew they had to act. This mom had to be punished.

Boosting Uproar

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A local news site, Valley News Live, picked up the video, boosting its circulation and causing more of an uproar. Some people commented things like: “The largest issue is that if she is willing to do this in public, what goes on at home?” wrote one user. “Poor little things. Unbelievable stupidity and neglect.” “She needs to lose her parenting rights,” complained another. “I feel so sorry for these children.” But still, the mom in the parking lot had no idea what was to come.


Abuse Or Harmless

Holly Renee Uranker / Facebook

A whole town was involved in the issue, some even coming to the rescue of the parking lot mom; "Shame on everyone bashing this momma based upon 12 seconds of parenting… " But of course, others, on the other hand, were not buying it at all, "Bad day or not she isn't taking care of them !!!!!" Of course, the real judges would be the police - and boy did they have something to say.

Not Enough

Williston Police Department

The video sparked so much controversy that commenters called the police. The authorities started looking into the issue. Valley News Live Facebook page kept everyone informed on the issue, as they had been one of the first pages to spread the video. "We are told the Williston police department have identified the woman and children involved," reported the Valley News page. Some users calmed down after they knew the police were going to be involved, but others didn’t think this was punishment enough and took the matter into their own hands.

National Outrage

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More and more people starting sharing said video. The slams on this mom had become national outrage and sparked a lot of conversation Holly Renee would never have expected. It stirred debate on whether the footage captured a moment of abuse or just a harmless moment. Still, people needed to know if the kids were safe.

Heating Up

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In 18 hours, the video was viewed 2.9 million times, shared over 50,000 times and gathered over 14,000 reactions. Completely unaware she was being filmed, this mom became North Dakota’s worst mom overnight and got a memorable visit from the police. But, what had truly happened in the video? Was it as bad as people were commenting? Everything started heating up for this ND mom.


-8 Degrees

Holly Renee Uranker / Facebook

It was 8 degrees below freezing in the parking lot of a supermarket. Holly Renee captured the moment on video where it shows a girl in a red top sitting in a trolley. She appears to be wearing a long-sleeve shirt, leggings but still, has no shoes or socks on. She is shivering. Moving her legs and arms trying to get warmer. Meanwhile, a woman who appears to be substantially dressed in warm clothes is seen opening the car door and forcefully taken a little boy out in the cold. But this isn’t the worst part.

Dangerously Cold

Holly Renee Uranker / Facebook

The little boy is hoisted into the trolley wearing a short sleeve top and trousers; he doesn’t seem to be even wearing shoes! The woman who pulled the boy out of the car is seen to be moving her arms wildly before getting the boy, some people on social media saying that these movements were her striking the boy. Neither of the kids was dressed for the dangerously cold weather and are seen shivering. Police knew they had to get to the bottom of it.

Williston Police Statement

Williston Police Department

The Williston police department identified the woman and the children the very next day. They proceeded to do their own investigation. They went ahead and posted a statement of the situation on their official Facebook page. It reads: "On January 11th, 2018, the Williston Police Department responded to a call for service, in which the reporting party indicated a female was at a local grocery store with two small children...

Investigation Continues

Williston PD/Facebook

The children did not have appropriate winter gear on for the weather conditions. Numerous concerned citizens have reported the incident. We want to ensure the community that we are actively working an investigation and addressing the concerns. The safety of the children and all community members is our main focus, so we want to thank everyone who reported." Continued the statement issued by the police department.



Mcdonough County Sheriff

Later, they added an update which stated: “The children have been safely located. The Williston Police will continue to investigate this matter. We want to thank the community for reporting the incident.” It seemed that the children were fine, and the mother hadn’t been charged with anything. This, left people roaring, some even going as far as saying they wanted the mom to be jailed.

We Can Only Hope

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Everyone has their own way of parenting, the mom might have had a good excuse for taking out her kids like that in that weather, but most of the comments don’t agree. Whatever the facts are, children should be the number one priority. Not one's self. A freezing winter day for this mom ended up with the heat of a whole town on her back. We can only hope she doesn’t do anything like this again.