Angry Moose's Antlers Stuck, When He Turns Around They Jump Back

Angry Moose's Antlers Stuck, When He Turns Around They Jump Back

A Creature In Need


They stopped dead in their tracks, not knowing what to do. Though their town was rife with wildlife, this was not a sight they encountered every day. They knew this giant creature could hurt them badly if it wanted to. But they also knew it needed help. They would have to plan their approach carefully, as any wrong move could make it all go south. Then the moose moved, leaving them wondering what would happen next.


Winter Wonderland


It had been a pleasant winter morning for Leif Gisslen up to that point. He and his neighbor, Pentti Valkama, had gone out for a walk around town. Living in the island of Vindö, in the Stockholm Archipelago of Sweden, there is plenty of nature to admire. Wildlife tends to be sort of elusive, but birds, deer, and hare sightings are not uncommon. That said, Leif and Pentti were completely unprepared for what they were about to witness.

A Moose In Their Way

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The men were coming up to a wooded area. As they got closer, they noticed there was a huge animal standing near the trees. Soon they realized it was a moose. Leif and Pentti started walking more slowly, figuring the moose would scoot away once it became aware of the presence of humans. But as they inched closer, they started to feel something was wrong. The moose wasn’t going anywhere -- in fact, he seemed to be struggling in place.


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Trying not to disturb the moose, the men walked toward him. Once they were at a safe distance, they realized what was going on: the moose’s antlers were stuck in the ropes of an old tree swing. The animal had probably approached the tree branches to munch on some leaves, unaware of the potential danger of this man-made structure. Little did they know, the plan they had thought out would prove to have dire consequences.

A Cumbersome Organ

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Male moose start growing antlers not long after they’re born, and it takes them about five months to fully develop. However, moose shed and grow new antlers every year, starting in early December. It just so happened that Leif and Pentti took their walk on December 6, finding a moose whose antlers were in that awkward mid-growth stage. It was no surprise he had miscalculated the space among the branches. That said, he seemed to be in a real bind and the men were too. They had to help him, but how?


What To Do

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The men stood there watching the moose go back and forth trying to free his antlers from the rope. But all his efforts were to no avail -- in fact, it appeared he was getting even more tangled with every thrust. The poor creature seemed to be getting desperate, and the two men understood his plight. If he didn’t manage to get free, he could starve. Leif and Pentti realized it was up to them to help the moose. But this put them at risk, too.

Powerful Creatures


Though moose aren’t predators, that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous to humans. They prefer to leave us alone but will charge with full force if they feel threatened. Given that they can weigh as much as 1,200 pounds, a moose attack is no joke. The moose in Leif’s video was already stressed from being trapped, so who knew what it could do to a puny human. And yet, despite all these red flags, the men decided to risk their lives to help the creature.

Putting Their Plan In Motion

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The men walked back to Pentti’s house nearby and grabbed a pruning saw -- a hand saw used to trim plants, shrubs, and wood. With any luck, Leif would be able to cut down the rope and set the moose free. That said, he couldn’t just approach the animal outright. So he decided to attach the saw to a long pole and walk around to the other side of the tree. But as soon as the moose saw him coming, he charged.

Ready For The Worst

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All Leif could do was flinch as he saw the moose rush toward him. But he didn’t get far -- the swing rope pulled him back and made him drop to his knees. With a sigh of relief, Leif waited for the animal to regain his composure before slowly reaching across with the saw. But there was more to the moose than met the eye.


1,500 Pound Moose

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All 1,500-pound of the moose felt attacked. The men could not face the fact that this massive animal could gallop towards them as fast as an overgrown rabbit, and severely hurt them. They weighed their options; with their knowledge about Moose whirling in their minds, they knew that these animals could outrun humans. But then, something happened that made them rethink everything.

A Multi-Step Process

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In his desperate thrashing, the moose had made a large branch snap and fall from the tree -- right onto his antlers. He lowered his head and tried to shake it off, to no avail. But Leif wouldn’t be able to cut down the rope until the moose stopped moving, so he used the saw to lift up the branch and unhook it from the animal’s antlers. It took a few tries, but eventually, he got it off. And now it seemed the moose had reconsidered his initial perception of Leif.

Making Progress

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After Leif had freed the moose from the branch, the animal appeared to realize the man was there to help him. He calmed down and stood still, making it possible for Leif to reach the rope and begin cutting. It was still not an easy task, seeing as how Leif couldn’t get closer to apply more strength on the saw. Then the moose did something no one was expecting.


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After a few minutes of careful sawing, the moose walked up a few steps and got closer to Leif. It was not a menacing move, though -- it seemed as though he was trying to make it easier for Leif to cut down the rope. More minutes passed, and then… success! The rope and swing fell on the ground. It took the moose a couple seconds to get his bearings and realize he was free. But in his excitement, Leif didn’t realize he was now in danger.


Close Call

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As soon as the moose realized he was no longer tangled to the tree, he sprinted toward the woods. The only problem was: he rushed in Leif’s direction. The giant animal dashed through the trees and right past where Leif was standing. Had he been positioned only a few inches to the left, he would have been trampled. But disaster was averted, and Leif and Pentti were euphoric.

Brave Men

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The men had just experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and they knew it. So they decided to upload the video Pentti had shot. Soon, the views started racking up, reaching more than 600,000. People on the comments praised Leif for his bravery and expressed awe at the majestic creature, who seemed to have realized the man was there to help him. It was an incredible encounter -- one that could have ended very badly.

A Creature To Watch Out For

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There are around 300,000 moose in Sweden -- approximately one for every 33 people. So the chances of encountering one are quite high. And though they aren’t naturally aggressive, they can be grumpy if hungry or during mating season. They are also hard to get away from, as they can run as fast as 35 mph. Leif was lucky that this stressed out moose realized he was just there to help. Otherwise, he may not have stuck around to tell the tale.