Bernadette From The Big Bang Theory Is A Bombshell In Real Life

Her Husband Took Her Name

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Bernadette and Melissa are both married, though there are more than a few differences between their husbands. The actress has been married to Winston Beigel, whom she met in college, for 10 years. Bernadette married Howard onscreen in 2012, and changed her surname to Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. In contrast, Melissa’s husband actually took her name, and is now known as Winston Rauch. We would love to see them as parents, especially after all the tears they've shed.


Both Had Tough Pregnancies

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Both Melissa and Bernadette had issues with pregnancy, though for different reasons. Rauch announced this year that she was pregnant with her first child, and in a poignant essay revealed that she had previously suffered a miscarriage. Her character was pregnant last year in the show, and suffered anxiety about being a bad mother since she does not like children. This might explain why she holds certain beliefs that might not have crossed your mind.

Both Believe In Girl Power

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One thing both Melissa and her character have in common is their feminism. Though shy and soft-spoken, Bernadette knows how to stand up for herself and is aware of her value. She also rails against the notion that all women dream of being mothers, because she never really did. Meanwhile, Rauch stood up for her gender when she talked about her miscarriage and how people need to stop questioning women about their reproductive choices.