20-Yr-Old Tells Dad He Won $451 Million Lottery Over Coffee, But What He'll Spend It On Is The Real Story

A Very Special Coffee Date

Facebook/Shane Missler

When 20-year-old Shane sat down for coffee with his father one Friday morning, it seemed like a normal day. But what his dad didn’t know was that Shane had just become several hundred million dollars richer. And that was just the beginning of good things to come.


Proud New Englander


Shane Missler lives with his family in Port Richey, a suburb of Tampa, Florida. He has been in the Sunshine State for a few years, but his family is originally from Maine. He still misses the East Coast, as he’s a fan of all things New England - from the Patriots to the Boston Celtics. He had no idea he was about to get a chance to get back to his roots.

A Positive Mindset

Facebook/Shane Missler

Shane likes to play the lottery regularly. Perhaps that has something to do with his personality, as he’s very optimistic and positive. His Twitter and Instagram accounts are full of inspirational quotes and uplifting messages, and his bio states: “I wake up every day saying Thank You.” Perhaps his positivity is what brought him good luck.

Playing The Mega Millions


On Friday, January 5th, Shane walked into the 7-Eleven at 7131 Ridge Road in Pasco County. He had some money leftover from a scratch-off lottery game he had won a few days earlier. He decided to buy five quick-pick Mega Millions tickets. The drawing was to take place later that same day.

The Winning Ticket

Mega Millions

The winning combination was 28, 30, 39, 59, 70 and the Mega Ball, 10. It came on the fourth set of numbers. Half an hour after the drawing, Shane found out he had won. “Oh. My. God,” was all he wrote on his Facebook page. The first thing he did was call his brother to give him the news. Next he wanted to tell his father, but decided not to do it over the phone.

Sharing The News

Facebook/Shane Missler

The next day, Shane called his dad and invited him for coffee. Once they were together, he broke the news about his lottery win. His father was as incredulous as Shane was when he first found out. But his jaw almost hit the floor when he learned how much the total jackpot was, especially because Shane had the sole winning ticket.