The Hilarious Moments When Dogs Realize They're At The Vet

Just Hold Me

Reddit / Misterguinness

This Great Dane isn't used to being held, even if he does think he's a lap dog from time to time. However, when he's in the vet's office, his owner has no choice. He may look like a big, confident boy, but once he realizes where he is, forget it! Some of his furry friends actually realize that they're going to the vet even before they get there... like this next brother/sister duo.


Hey, I Know This Road!

Imgur / CloneN7

It was all fun and games this morning when this guy asked his pets if they wanted to go in the car. However, things got a bit hairy once everyone realized where they were going. The dog is clearly disgusted, while the cat is just in pure shock! Speaking of shock, it took a few minutes for things to sink in for this next pup.

Are. You. Serious?

Reddit / Unknown

This dog's expression is epic. First, she's happy and panting. Then she starts to realize that she's not where she thought she was going to be. Next, she must be hearing some barking in one of those back rooms because her face says it all! She could get some pointers from this next vet patient -- he seems to have a good system.

If I Can't See You, Then You Can't See Me

Imgur / gaviblugirl

This dog isn't just hiding under a bench at the vet's office, he's actually shielding his eyes from view. It's a common misconception that kids have -- if they can't see you, then you can't see them. This next dog has the exact same idea. Perhaps he doesn't realize that the chairs he is hiding under don't really hide him well enough to escape what's to come.

I Will Not Come Out!

Imgur / sammisch

Have you ever wondered why there are chairs in the vet's office? Well, contrary to popular belief, they actually aren't for people. The chairs are there for scared pups to hide under. At least, that's what it looks like. What's even more hilarious is the faces that dogs make when they realize where they are going -- before they even get there. This next dog must have heard someone say the "V" word.


Did You Just Say VET?!

Reddit / gwackr

Have you ever just been minding your own business, going for a ride in the car, and then someone says the word VET so loud, you can't even contain yourself? This dog's eyes widened when he heard the "V" word, figuring out that he was taking a trip to the worst place e-v-e-r. This next dog had a very different reaction...

I Will Never Forgive You For This

Reddit / nombacon

Yes, dogs can absolutely give the stink eye. If you need proof, just look at this guy. He was all happy to be out with his owner, but when he found out that he'd been fooled into a trip to the vet, his mood totally changed. Maybe he will get some comfort in the office like this next dog did.

Will You Hold My Hand?

Reddit / Unknown

There is nothing quite as strong as the bond between dog and his human. Clearly, this German Shepherd relies on that bond to get him through some of the most challenging times. Putting his paw in his owner's hand helped ground him before his scary physical exam. Speaking of scary, you won't believe the face on this next pup!

Where Are You Taking Me?

Reddit / Unknown

That moment when an enjoyable car ride turns into the absolute worst day of your entire life. This dog just knows that he's not going somewhere fun. He is wide-eyed and ready for his annual trip to the animal hospital. As opposed to this next Golden Doodle who simply can't understand why on earth her human would betray her like that.


How Could You Do This To Me?

Reddit / Schlinker

These are some of the saddest eyes that we have ever seen! Can you imagine your dog looking at you like this while you're in the parking lot at the vet's office? I simply wouldn't be able to go inside! It's all going to be okay. I'll just be over here crying because I disappointed my dog.