Talk About A Fairytale Wedding! Toddler Mistakes Bride For Her Favorite Princess

Being A Princess Is Every Girl's Dream

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Whether it be living in a castle or marrying Prince Charming, many little girls grow up idolizing their favorite princess. Princesses come in all shapes and forms, but one wardrobe essential always makes the cut — a breathtaking dress. Many women get to transform into princesses, once a very special day arrives. Some ladies dream of this day all of their lives.


Your Wedding Makes You Feel Royal

You don't have to be marrying into the Royal Family to feel like a princess on your big day. A woman's wedding day is usually nothing short of magical, from her gown to the decorations. One couple from Seattle, Washington couldn't wait to tie the knot, and their intimate wedding shots prove they are head over heels.

This Couple Is Stunning

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Scott and Shandace Robertson recently got married in Seattle, and their wedding photography was second to none. The photos of their ceremony were sultry and absolutely gorgeous, but what photographer Stephanie Cristalli shot after the couple said "I do" was even more emotional. No one could possibly be prepared for such an adorable surprise — and the blushing bride Shandace was the main event.

A Tiny Toddler Was In Awe

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After the gorgeous ceremony was over, Scott and Shandace decided to take some wedding shots in the Ballard area of Seattle. Suddenly, everyone noticed a young girl staring at the bride absolutely star-struck. Shandace couldn't help but approach the tiny tot, and the little girl couldn't be more excited. Wait until you see the shots photographer Stephanie Cristalli captured of these two.

These Adorable Wedding Photos Went Viral

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Shandace even gave the two-year-old girl one of her wedding roses, and the toddler couldn't contain her smile or excitement. Scott Robertson posted the heart-warming photos to his Imgur account, where they quickly almost 1,000 comments. The toddler's reason for being in awe of the bride is so incredibly sweet — you may need a few tissues.


She Thought Shandace Was A Princess

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Not only was the little girl taken aback by the bride's beauty, but she thought she was actually her favorite princess. "The little girl didn't say anything actually, she just smiled the entire time," Shandace revealed. Once the couple realized who the girl mistook Shandace for they couldn't help but get a little emotional. This two-year-old is beyond sweet!

It Was A Woman From Her Favorite Book

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The toddler thought Shandace was the woman on the cover of the novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. She actually was carrying it when he spotted Shandace, and it can be seen in her hands in some of the photos. "I’m pretty sure she just liked the picture on the cover and became attached to it! The book is above my reading level, let alone a toddler’s," Scott stated. Shandace had one small request.

This Fan Received The Royal Treatment

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Shandace was so taken aback by the girl's adorable gesture that she had to capture some memories with her. "Because I love little kids so much, I asked her mom if I could hold her," Shandace explained. Of course, the toddler's mom was quick to let the bride hold her daughter. The little girl's face literally stole the show, especially once she got to see the princess close-up.

Her Dreams Definitely Came True

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"Her face expresses how we both felt, overjoyed," Shandace exclaimed. This experience definitely changed this little girl's life forever — and the bride was definitely touched as well. This was definitely the perfect touch to end this couple's special day. Scott had one request for anyone in the Seattle area, and how viral these photos became can definitely make it happen.


This Couple Wants To Find The Family

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Scott Robertson would love to give the mother of the little girl some of these photos to keep for herself. "If anyone recognizes this woman please let me know! We'd love to send her the pictures. This is the Seattle area," Scott wrote on Imgur. The absolute magic this toddler — and the couple — experienced is definitely felt through these touching photos. These childhood memories will never be forgotten!