When Her Kids Had A Meltdown In Target, A Stranger Stepped In And Did THIS

Missing The Target


If you've ever gone to the store with a child, you know it can be an adventure, to say the least. There is so much external stimulation — lights, sounds, smells, people — that they can sometimes get overwhelmed. This is especially true when they see snacks and toys that they want. Add in teething, a missed nap, etc. and you have the perfect storm for a public meltdown. As Rebecca Paterson found out in a Target store, this can be the recipe for disaster — or an unexpected gift.


The Meltdown

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

Paterson was in Target with her sons, two-year-old Jacob and two-month-old Aiden, when they both had meltdowns — at the same time. First of all, props for even bringing a two-year-old and two-month-old baby out to the store together. Throw some wine in that cart. Speaking of which, she was starting to put her groceries back on the shelf and probably trying to get out as fast as she could when a stranger, and mom of two herself, stepped in.

A Simple Gesture

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

That mom was Tiffany Jones-Guillory, and she came up to Paterson and offered to walk with her and hold little Jacob so she could finish her shopping. While the little boy was still kind of freaking out, Jones-Guillory wasn't deterred and began showing him photos of her own kids on her phone to distract him and help calm him down. Paterson was so shocked — and relieved — that she took out her own phone and took a picture that quickly went viral.

Worth 1,000 Words

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

“She walked with me while I got the essentials needed for the day and kept hold of my toddler while he calmed down,” Paterson said. “She saved me today moms! I am so sleep deprived and was running on empty. A little kindness and understanding goes a long way.” Can you even imagine how tired and exhausted she was? Not to mention the fact that people were probably giving her dirty looks — except for Jones-Guillory.

Her Angel

Twitter / Rekha Muddaraj

“I know how it is. I've been there," Jones-Guillory said. "I have two kids, it's frustrating, and that baby is two months,” she said. “You have hormones going…and people are looking at you crazy, and I just wanted to help. God sent me there to help her.” It makes you think — how many times have you seen a kid melting down and wondered why the parent wasn't doing anything about it? Maybe they're doing the best that they can, and they just need a little compassion. Compassion is exactly what another mom urges people to have when they see that situation.

Grocery Run

Facebook / Aly Brothers

Aly Brothers had her own meltdown after taking her two young boys to the grocery store to grab some milk. While that sounds simple enough, her boys had other plans, which caused Brothers to lose it a little bit and customers to thrown some shade. “This is motherhood. No fancy filters, no good lighting, no new lipstick," she wrote in a viral Facebook post. "It's messy hair that's wet from the rain, yesterday's makeup that I was too tired to wash off, and tears. Motherhood is HARD. Single-motherhood is HARD."