Eagle Lands On MLB Pitcher In Opening Day Ceremony

A Scheduled Performance

Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton was minding his own business during a game on April 5 against the Minnesota Twins. Suddenly, a bald eagle landed on his shoulder. The pitcher didn’t seem to care at all…


If you think the eagle wasn’t supposed to be present at the game, you’re not alone. But he was. During the National Anthem, the game’s host, Minnesota Twins, brought out a bald eagle to the field for a pre-game fly-in ceremony. The eagle was supposed to mind his own business, but it appears he had a mind of his own…


An Opening Day To Always Remember


Opening Day is a major celebration for baseball fans. Thanks to the bald eagle at the Mariners-Twins game on April 5, the game became one of the most unusual opening day baseball games in Major League Baseball history. Everything was going according to plan and the eagle is a falconry-trained bald eagle. No one expected him to do this…

Pitcher Of The Month

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James Paxton is a seasoned pitcher for the Mariners, winning the American League Player of the Week Award in April 2017 for pitching a combined 15 scoreless innings in two wins. He was also voted American League Pitcher of the Month in July 2017. But, he has recently gained national attention for something not relating to the game of baseball…

Not Expecting This To Happen


Paxton was standing alone in the left field during the National Anthem with his cap held to his chest. He was minding his own business, as usual. That’s when the bald eagle decided to have some fun with the pitcher before the game and flew over to him. The bird circled Paxton before attempting to land on his right shoulder.

Thinking Fast On His Feet

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Paxton later commented about the funny story, “I kind of ducked so it wouldn’t fly into my face. It was, I think, trying to stand on my back. And then I thought, ‘Okay, if I can stand up slowly, maybe it’ll just rest on my shoulder.’” But, it didn’t exactly work out the way he hoped it would…

Trying To Help

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As soon as Paxton stood up to help the eagle, the bird fell off his shoulder and began clawing to get back up. The pitcher attempted to help him as much as could, so he stood straight and kept still in order for the bird to climb back up on him. But, the eagle remained on the ground—already tired with the playful game.