A Girl Found This Chest In Grandpa’s Closet, Leading To A Haunting Discovery

An Unexpected Discovery

Wikimedia Commons/Nissip

She opened the box, nervous and unsure of what she was going to find. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary chest containing old trinkets and papers. But something inside told her that it was a lot more than that. She dug in further, and that’s when her instincts were proven right: it was a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. But what she didn’t expect was what this finding revealed about her family’s past.


A Mystery She Stumbled Upon


The Michigan woman, who goes by the name ‘doggetofftheqcekmty’ on Imgur, hadn’t set out to find such a remarkable object. She had simply been rummaging through her grandfather’s closet in the hopes of clearing out some storage space. But when she saw the box, something about it caught her attention. So she set aside her chores and pulled out the chest from under the pile of items. Before opening it, she carefully inspected the outside.

A Plain Old Box


The box itself was nothing ostentatious. It was very simple and minimalistic, made of wood and some iron accents. It had a thick layer of dust on the top, indicating it hadn’t been handled for a while. For a moment, the woman hesitated to continue with her endeavor, worrying that she might breathe in some toxic mold if she opened it. But in the end, she decided to take the gamble and see what was inside.

Nothing Too Interesting So Far


When she opened the chest, the first thing she saw was a bunch of rolled up papers on one side, all of them old and yellow. On the other side, there was a shallow compartment — but it was empty aside from a few scraps of paper. Nothing too unusual so far, and she even felt disappointed. “It’s not a very good box,” she wrote. But as she unrolled some of the papers, her curiosity started to grow.

A Family Connection


One of the documents she pulled out was an old high school diploma, torn in several places. It was from Grand Rapids Central High School, awarded to a man named Harry Ganes Messer, and dated 1922. That was almost a century ago! She wondered if this man could be her great-grandfather. She would have asked her grandpa, but they weren’t exactly on the best of terms. Perhaps this discovery could bridge the gap between them.

These Could Be Useful


As she dug up further, she found even more family records. There were high school diplomas for other men in the Messer family, possibly her great uncles. Then she came upon her grandfather’s diploma. “This could be what I’ve been needing,” she thought, already planning to take the document with her to start a conversation with her grandpa. But then, she realized these records were only half of the treasure contained in the old wooden box.