Man Finds Creepy VHS Tape Labeled “A Surprise,” Actually Watches It

When Foone Turing put the tape he bought at the thrift store in the VCR, he didn’t know what to expect. It could be just about anything — from a mysterious long-lost footage to a fairly boring home video. But once the tape started playing, Foone couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

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33-year-old Foone, a computer programmer from California, likes to buy random things at his local thrift store. That’s why, when he saw a VHS tape labeled only in sharpie, he got curious. "I threw it in the bag of stuff I was buying just to see what it was,” he said. There was something about this tape that gave off a mysterious vibe.


Something Creepy About It


The tape was labeled simply “A Surprise!” in black handwriting, with a creepy smiley face next to it. It reminded Foone of the movie “The Ring,” in which a woman watches a mysterious tape and is hit with a curse. But what many people don’t know is that “The Ring” is based on a real urban legend.

Legend Goes...

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According to the legend, three girls were having a slumber party and wanted to watch a horror movie. They drove to a video store, where they saw a dusty, unmarked tape sitting on the counter. The clerk said it was not an appropriate film for them. One of the teenagers decided to steal the tape while the clerk wasn’t looking. When they watched it at home, they got more than they bargained for.

The Tape Was Cursed


When the girls put the tape into the VCR, the power went out. But the TV stayed on, showing only static. Then a woman appeared - a ghastly face with sunken eyes. She spoke out a curse, saying anyone who heard her words would be punished within two days. Then the screen went black. The girls were terrified. Two days later, they had vanished without a trace, never to be found. Could Foone’s tape contain something just as disturbing?

The Truth Is Out There

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While urban legends are certainly intriguing, most people know they are heavily fictionalized. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t real tapes out there containing powerful footage that has been lost to mankind. If someone were to find a tape like that, there’s no telling what impact it could have. Take, for example, the lost Pioneer tapes.

An Important Piece Of History


‘Pioneer 10’ was a space probe launched by NASA on March 3, 1972. It completed the first mission to the planet Jupiter and became the first man-made object to reach an escape velocity that allowed it to leave the Solar System. But an incident during its journey caused people at NASA to wonder about the existence of a new type of physics unknown to us yet.