These Kids Couldn't Care LESS What People Think


“When the door in the bathroom got stuck, our 7-year-old daughter found a way out,” wrote this parent online. This leaves us with so many questions. First, how long was she in there that she had enough time to make such a big hole in the door. Second, did her parents let her watch “The Shining”?

Speaking of scary movies…


You'll All Float Soon, Too


Kids love Halloween. It’s their chance to wear fun costumes and go out looking for candy. Some kids, however, take the costume part of the holiday more seriously than most. We are not sure if this little kid saw the movie his costume is based on, but let’s just say he doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the cute witches in his preschool class.

What would you do if your kid gave you a birthday card like this?

Cool Sticker


Kids’ creativity is boundless, and it should not be constrained. So, if they find some… unorthodox materials for their art projects, we should let them use them. Who knows? Maybe one day their work will be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art. And you can proudly say it all started with a sanitary pad.

Ever wondered where kids get their play ideas?

The Power Of Barbie Compels You


“When asked about it, my 6-year old niece told me they were trying to bring Mommy back to life,” wrote the person who shared this image on Reddit. Clearly, she was recreating a seance. Now, whether she got the idea from a movie or from something she saw in real life, is the real question.

Does your kid embarrass you when you go out in public?

Deep Dive


The Old Market Square in Nottingham, England, has a history that goes back over 700 years. That clearly didn’t matter to this kid, it seems. Perhaps it was a really hot day and he wanted to freshen up. Or maybe he lost something near and dear at the bottom of the fountain and he decided to jump in to find it.

Ever seen a scary ice cream cone?


Cute And Creepy Combined


“What my 2-year-old daughter chose for her Halloween costume,” wrote the user online. Here we have a kid with two very different sides to her personality, clearly vying for domination. On the one hand, she is attracted to cute, wholesome things like pink ice cream. On the other hand, she has an appreciation for the more sinister things in life. Who’s to say which side will win?

You wish you’d thought of this when you were little…

Caught Red-Handed


This kid sure has a taste for the good things in life. Not only did he get out of bed at 3 in the morning, he managed to go to the kitchen and grab all those snacks without his parents hearing. If only he’d kept the TV a little quieter, perhaps his crime would have gone completely unnoticed.

Be warned, this next picture may trigger you.

Maybe It's His Superpower?


“This is how my son was sleeping. He may be immortal,” wrote this kid’s father. We have to agree. Nobody who has ever stepped on a Lego can say it is a pleasant experience. And here we have a child who’s so comfortable he even falls asleep on them. The devil’s spawn, or just a really high pain threshold?

Would you take a picture with a random kid?

Born For The Spotlight


Taking studio photographs with your whole family can be a nightmare, especially if you have little kids. So when you have a child who enjoys taking photos, it is truly a blessing. Of course, if your kid enjoys it a little too much, you run into other problems. But at least it seems like this family took it in stride and didn’t mind the attention-hogging girl in their picture.

The next picture will make you never want to get inside a mascot suit.


Handsy With The Hare


When you dress up in a mascot suit — especially a bunny mascot — you never think you’re going to get manhandled in the middle of your workday. After all, your job consists of waving, taking pictures with kids, and promote whatever product you’re paid to promote. But this girl had other ideas. We don’t know what the guy inside the suit is thinking, but the bunny’s face says it all.

What would you do if your kid was possessed?

Paranormal Activity: Baby Edition


“My wife heard her name being whispered ‘Naa-taa-shaa...’ she looked at the baby monitor to find our son like this,” wrote this boy’s dad. And for all we know, posting this picture online was the last thing this man ever did. Perhaps we should scour the news to see if Natasha and her husband are still alive.

When we said ‘royal hot dog,’ this is not what we meant…

Better Buns Than Princess Leia's


In the early days of Disney movies, princesses were pretty one-dimensional. Thankfully, they’ve diversified with their latest iterations. So, to be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if one day a sentient hot dog becomes a Disney princess. When that day comes, this little girl will have the last laugh.

Have you ever been roasted by your own child?

Thanks For The Birthday Wishes, I Guess


“Kids say the darnedest things,” goes the old saying. They write and draw them, too, as evidenced by this birthday card. Honestly, what we’re most dying to know is why this kid thinks his dad is so close to death. But, other than that, his metaphor is pretty spot on.

If you’re a germaphobe, you won’t like the next picture.


A Little Too Friendly


Either this kid has been watching non-age-appropriate entertainment, or the adults in his life tend to go overboard with their displays of affection. Either way, we are glad he gets to practice his kissing with a dolphin and not some unsuspecting little girl. Now we just hope he doesn’t expect every future kiss to be just as salty and fishy.

If we were then following kid’s parents, we’d call the therapist ASAP.

What's For Dinner, Hon?


This might seem to you like a cute and innocent Lego kitchen. But, if you look closer, you’ll see that the item inside the Lego oven is not a miniature plastic turkey. It is, in fact, a doll’s head. If we were the parents that discovered that, we wouldn’t know whether to put our kid in therapy or just make a run for it and leave our old life behind.