The Animal You See First Reveals Your Dominant Personality

What is personality? Though it’s a word that we all learn from a young age and a concept we use a lot in normal conversation, the topic itself is actually quite complex. Scientists, especially psychologists, have been trying for a long time to establish exactly what a personality is and how each person develops one. One way to determine this is through a personality test.

Carlton University

An individual’s personality is a combination of qualities and characteristics that, together, form someone’s character. In psychology, these are called traits. If we asked you to enumerate your personality traits, you’d probably end up with quite a long list. But, according to some experts, every person has a ‘primary trait’ — a central characteristic that defines your overall attitude and behavior. Several tests, such as the following image, exist to pinpoint a person’s primary trait.


A Simple Test

This image is what is formally known as a projective test — a psychological exam which presents images, words, or situations to a person and analyzes the responses to determine certain elements of personality that are unconsciously expressed. This one is fairly simple: a group of animal depictions stacked together. The theory goes, the first animal that you see is an expression of your primary personality trait. Do you want to know what each one means?



Someone who sees the image of a wolf first is usually a fierce and fearless person. They are ready for everything that life may throw at them and they are experts at handling tough circumstances. Though they like the company of others, they tend to be quite lonely deep inside.

Others might see a bright-green insect…

Praying Mantis


Now, if you saw a praying mantis first, this means you have a patient and perceptive personality. You have a powerful inner voice which guides you and gives you a sense of purpose. You tend to make decisions based on gut feeling, but your instincts are spot on so you hardly ever make a bad choice.

Or perhaps you saw an elegant equine…



Those who first see a stallion tend to have an ambitious personality. They are honest, driven, and free-thinking. They are strongly motivated to succeed against all odds. They are hardworking and humble, with immovable principles and the willingness to fight for them. They are self-confident but not cocky, and they always strive for their voice to be heard.

Maybe what they saw was a winged insect…



If what you first spotted was a butterfly, this means you were born for change. You are flexible and highly adaptable, quickly acclimating to new environments. To fulfill your needs and achieve your goals, you don’t hesitate to make whatever changes are necessary. You can be a little shy and reserved, but with enough time and patience, you eventually come out of your cocoon.

Did you see a red crustacean instead?