15 Incredible Dads Who Deserve Some Kind Of Award

Game On!


For some reason, dads are often portrayed as bumbling dudes who only know how to grill and maybe go fishing — at least on TV and in movies. But the truth is that most guys are kind of amazing, and go above and beyond for their kids on a daily basis. For example, this dad has decided that just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't still act like a kid and take your love of Mario Kart up a few dozen notches. What kid wouldn't love his own race car wrapped up in duct tape? It's a memory they'll never forget.


He Wears Short Shorts

Reddit / mikelp82

Part of being a great dad is teaching your child a lesson — and sometimes you have to lead by example. So when his young daughter wanted to wear short shorts, dad decided to show her that if she wants to wear short shorts, so does he. Now I don't know about you, but if my dad had done this when I was in middle school, I think I would have been okay wearing pants a little bit longer — no pun intended. But lesson learned!

Not Skirting The Issue

Reddit / kazarnowicz

When Nils Pickert discovered his son preferred wearing skirts and dresses instead of pants, he had the best reaction. Instead of forcing his son to wear pants, he decided to join in to make him feel comfortable. "I care more about my boy being a self-assured, compassionate person," he told The Huffington Post. "I couldn't care less about the choices he makes on the way to becoming that person — as long as they cause no harm to himself or others."

Every Scar Tells A Story

Facebook / Josh J-Mash Marshall

This is Josh Marshall with his then 8-year-old son Gabriel Marshall. In March 2015, Gabriel was diagnosed with a form of cancer called anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare malignant brain tumor. He was able to have successful surgery, but Gabriel admitted he felt like a “monster” because of a large scar he has as a result of his surgery. "This broke my heart," Marshall said. The amazing father's solution was to get a tattoo that resembled his son's scar. "I told him if people wanted to stare, they could stare at both of us," he said.

Wave At The Bus

Wave At The Bus

Instead of waving goodbye to his son before school like every other father, Dale Price decided to do something different. For every single day of the year, Price donned a different costume to send his son off to high school. From the Terminator to Merida to the movie Brave, Price wore about 170 costumes over the course of the year. While most high school kids would be a bit embarrassed, you have to think his son gave dad points for creativity.

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Pinterest / Any Ferreira

If there's one thing that makes a great dad, it's the fact that they're willing to do anything to make their children happy. And you know what? Sometimes that means putting on a tiara and some earrings just to make sure his little girl has a smile on her face. Although...where is her tiara? I'm guess she loaned it out to dad for awhile.