Dad Catches Daughter Stealing, Gets A Genius Idea

Nobody Said Parenting Was Easy

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Being a parent can be particularly hard. You’re constantly trying to teach your child the right way. But what happens when your kid falls off the wagon? One dad caught his daughter stealing. This is a huge issue, as stealing is considered a serious offense. How could his daughter have done this to the family? But, instead of getting angry, the dad got even. Some even considered the punishment too harsh.


Daughter Leaves Family Perturbed

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Recently, one daughter let her family in a state of distress. Her father had caught her with stolen goods. Nobody knows what drove the girl to steal. She was only ten! Furthermore, she came from a good home. Her dad could not believe what he had found I his little girl’s room. But more unbelievable yet was how he chose to punish her. The dad did something nobody would’ve ever imagined.

It’s All In The Numbers


A sad statistic shows the rise in shoplifting over the last few years. There are approximately twenty-seven-million shoplifters within America to date. 25% of these people are minors aged between ten - seventeen. That’s a staggering estimated 6.7 million children. Out of the 75% of adult shoplifters, 55% admit they began to shoplift in their teens. These results are astounding. But why did this little girl do it? Her motives were dumbfounding.

Ten-Year-Old Caught Red Handed

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Astonishing only 3% of the total shoplifters out there steal on a premeditated basis. More surprising is that majority of shop lifters steal with no motivation. They have no need for financial gain from their stolen goods. It is a pure impulse driven experience. Luckily the ten-year-old thrill-seeker was caught red-handed by her father. She certainly wished she had never been caught when she saw what he planned to do as punishment.

Girl Gets Away With Stolen Goods

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People often wonder how offenders get away with shoplifting. There are security cameras, barcodes and more designed to stop theft in its tracks. But shoplifters are sneaky. In this instance, the little girl had a plan. She removed the product from its actual storage box. The box had the store barcode on. This would alert officials that she had not paid for her goods. But the missing barcode couldn’t fool her dad.


Dad Does What He Can To Help His Daughter

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Even though he didn’t support her actions, the pre-teen’s dad was determined to help her. He had to ensure his daughter knew right from wrong. But what could he do? He had to think long and hard about his plan. Eventually, the dad hatched something ingenious. His sole intention was to guide his child on the right path. But some people didn’t view his actions like that. To some, he was a madman.

Daughter Refuses To Co-Operate

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At first, the dad was patient. He tried to explain to his child why what she did was bad. He then stressed the importance of doing the right thing. But instead of understanding, he was met with hostility. His daughter was unwilling to hear anything he had said to her! So, when his daughter refused to co-operate, he had no choice. He had to take extreme measures. But nobody expected what he did next.

Daughter Opens Up About Why She Did It

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The little girl shares something terrifying with her father. She admits feeling a bit of peer pressure. All the kids at her school were shoplifting. Including some of her best friends. However, this made her father more concerned. Instead of just forgiving his child, he came up with a great plan. He needed to show her just how wrong what she had done was. So, he suggested they take a drive. Then things got interesting.

Dad Is Called Out


Concerned by his plan, the child’s mother got involved. She called out the father, saying what he was planning on doing was too extreme. But the dad expressed his concerns. He explained that she was not just being naughty, she had broken the law. This made the mom realize the severity of her daughter’s actions. While she still felt uncomfortable, she gave the dad the go-ahead to execute his eccentric plan.


Dad Is Met With Judgmental Stares


Even though he had her best interests at heart, not everybody thought so. When the dad began to execute his plan, he was met with pure judgment initially. A horrified cashier could not believe what he was making his daughter do. People stopped and stared. Pointed and gasped. But the dad carried out his plan. He was determined to make his child learn from her mistakes. And she definitely would from what he made her do next.

Father Decides To Name Ad Shame

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In an attempt to teach his daughter, the father decided to make a video. He drove her to the Walgreens. But when they arrived things got interesting. The dad made his child pay for her stolen nails. However, he also made her confess what she did to the store manager. He used shame tactics to ensure she knew what she did was wrong. Furthermore, he filmed the whole incident and posted it online. And the response was overwhelming.

Dad Posts Video Of Daughter Confessing

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To make sure his child never stole again, the dad decided to share the video. As a result, his parenting lesson went viral. He was met with mixed responses. But the majority of the public supported his actions fully. People were impressed by him. He refrained from using anger against his child. Rather, he made her do the right thing. Adding a pinch of humility in by making her apologize. And his story is still spreading.

People Love The Dad’s Punishment Method

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This dad’s story has now been shared countless times. People love the way he handled the situation. As such, more and more people are sharing the story to share this awesome parenting technique. Don’t get angry, get justice. Sometimes, there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to dealing with your child. But this dad made sure his kid would never steal again. And though she’s mad at him now, she will thank him in future.


Dad Raises Awareness

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Without even realizing it, the dad had managed to raise awareness. Shoplifting is a growing epidemic on a worldwide scale. And thanks to this savvy parent, people now know how to deal with it. When your child steals things, it puts you as a parent in a horrible situation. But thanks to this brave dad’s actions, parents now have a plan. Clearly, the scare tactic works, as his daughter later admits.

Daughter Vows To Never Steal Again

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There is definitely a happy ending to this story. Thanks to her dad’s tactics, the little girl has learned from her actions. She has vowed to never steal again. Now, instead of becoming another shoplifting-statistic, this girl has a chance. All thanks to one brave dad’s actions. Would you have the courage to do this to your child if you caught them shoplifting? It may be their only hope to lead a better life.