Woman Sees Dog Surrounded By Vultures - She Doesn’t Hesitate

Woman Sees Dog Surrounded By Vultures - She Doesn’t Hesitate

The Plight Of A Lonely Pit Bull

Rob Brown, Greensboro News And Record

Sometimes, dog owner's aren't ready to own an animal. One poor pup got the brunt of bad treatment. The story of a forlorn pit bull went viral. An image of a woeful puppy surrounded by vultures began to circulate. The picture said a thousand words. But nobody knew the outcome of the pup’s fate. The vultures seemed so close to claiming their prize. So close, it all seemed over for poor little Lilo.


Lilo The Pit Bull Pup

Instagram/ Lilos Story

Lilo was nothing like the normal pit pull stigma. She was not large. She was not loud. And she certainly was not vicious. She was actually the complete opposite of what people imagine pit bulls to be. This meek and mild little puppy was forgotten. This could clearly be seen in the picture captured of her. She looked down in the dumps. And this, sadly, was the truth.

Month’s Of Laxity Made Lilo Give Up

Lilo was about eight months when vultures began to circle her. Locals of the town got weary when they saw this image. You know when they start to circle, it’s definitely not good news. But the pup seemed unperturbed. She stood idly by in her plastic kennel not bothered by the birds. But then, one man snapped a shot of her that would save her life. Or so people thought.

Local News Photographer Cannot Ignore The Powerful Site

Facebook/ Rob Brown

Greensboro News And Record photographer, Rob Brown, first encountered Lilo on Christmas day. But Lilo was anything but jolly. Rob quickly snapped the iconic pic of vultures surrounding her. This quickly gained traction in the public realm. People began to notice her situation. This was great news for Lilo! But no action was being taken. Until something remarkable took place in the community.

The Vultures Descend

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The vultures began to get closer to little Lilo. But she appeared unperturbed. It was as though the pup had conceded. She knew her time was up. She didn’t even bother barking at the birds. As though taunting her, the vultures danced around her little plastic kennel. One even took a peck at her ear. But still, Lilo did nothing. It seemed as though the birds would finally get what they had come for.


A Photo Says A Thousand Words But Does A Million Things


Luckily, thanks to the foresight of Rob Brown, Lilo began to get attention. The Greensboro public took action to get Lilo help. So, the people rallied. Somebody got in touch with the local animal shelter. Then, as though a miracle, the shelter came to rescue Lilo. The vultures could go bug someone else now! But Lilo’s owners were not happy. They vowed to reclaim their animal. No matter the cost.

Lilo’s Owners Want to Reclaim Their Dog

YouTube/ Jessie 31

Poor Lilo had just been rescued. But the shelter received news that her owners were on their way to collect her. This poor pup was destined to go back to a life of being second best. She was eight months old. It appeared she had been captive for most of her life. The poor pup was also underweight. Lilo would not be in good hands if she went back to that home. Then something miraculous happened.

Showing Their True Colors

Instagram/ Lilos Story

True to form, Lilo’s original owners were a no-show. From the way they treated her, it seemed they were glad to be rid of her. This meant little Lilo got to live another day in the shelter. She got to interact with others. A feeling she desperately craved. Even though she was mistreated, Lilo took every cuddle opportunity she could! She needed love. But then, bad news arrived.

The Shelter Shares Unfortunate News


Unfortunately, the Greensboro shelter announced they do not offer pit bulls for adoption. This is due to the bad connotations the breed has received over the years. Due to their nature, pit bulls were a frowned upon breed. This meant Lilo would never be able to live in another forever home. But it also meant something even worse. If she couldn’t be adopted, she’d have to be put down.


Lilo Is Living On Borrowed Time

Instagram/ Lilos Story

Sadly, animals who were unable to be adopted through the shelter would be euthanized. This meant one thing for Lilo. Due to too many animals coming in, the shelter could not afford to keep her. But the beautiful puppy’s legacy would live on through that one photo. At least she would pass in a more humane way. But no one would believe what she would do in her last few days.

A Saving Grace For Lilo

Instagram/ Lilos Story

Luckily for Lilo, Merit Pit Bull Foundation heard of her story. This foundation is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming pit bulls. Where others see a dangerous dog, they see a hurting animal. When they saw Lilo, and heard her story, they knew they had to do something. With that, the foundation came and collected the little pup. And it wasn’t long after that Lilo would get her forever home.

Lilo Finds Her Human

Instagram/ Lilos Story

One day, Keana Lynch came across the profile of a little pup on Merit Pit Bull Foundation. It was literally love at first site. Then, when she learned the story of this incredible girl, her heart melted. Quickly Keana adopted Lilo. But soon Keana found out Lilo wasn’t in great shape due to the unmindfulness of past owners. She was incredibly thin. Also, she had developed a skin condition. But with love and care, Lilo fought through and the transformation is incredible.

Keana The Rescue Mom

Instagram/ Lilos Story

Thanks to Keana, Lilo got a second chance at life. Keana has since been using social media to raise awareness of animal mistreatment. Thanks to her and Rob Brown, Lilo is now a brand-new pup! It just goes to show how one little bit of effort can change a life. Lilo was left and forgotten by her original owners. Faced being putdown e at the shelter. But finally, is happy. But that’s not all!


Keana’s Kindness Goes A Long Way

Instagram/ Lilos Story

Thanks to Keana’s constant updates, people have seen what a softie Lilo is. Keana has inspired more and more pit bull adoptions since she took in little Lilo. It just goes to show how it’s not the breed, but the owner that makes the dog. Lilo is anything but fierce, and people noticed that. Little Lilo is thriving in her new home. Her health is completely back to normal. And better yet, Keana had a massive surprise for Lilo!

Her Forever Home Has Sisters!

Instagram/ Lilos Story

Now a happy little sister to two other pups, Lilo is in heaven. Thanks to the loving hand of Keana, this pup was able to accept her sisters. There has been no fighting of any sort. And the trio are thick as thieves. Three little rescue pups now share one loving home. Lilo can now rest easy forever. And it’s all thanks to one powerful picture that took on the community.