Turns Out There's A Secret Use For Muffin Pans

The Humble Hero Of The Kitchen


The muffin pan really is the unsung hero of the kitchen. This incredible baking tray has so many other uses. From other food related options to completely unrelated household uses, the muffin pan goes a long way. However, the most impressive use of a muffin pan comes when you cut holes into the bottom. Who would’ve thought! Start using your muffin pan in so many more ways than you could’ve imagined.


Serve Up A Storm In Style

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One of the coolest alternative uses for a muffin pan is serving. Thanks to all the different holes, this pan makes a great serving dish. You can pop in a variety of snacks for yourself or condiments for a barbeque. You could even turn it into a makeshift cheese board. Place crackers in one pan, various cheeses in the next and marmalade in another. But outside the kitchen is where uses get interesting.

Keep Your Handy Man Happy


If you or your hubby is a handyman (or woman) you’ll love this trick. While busy with a new project, separate your bits and bobs in a muffin pan. You will be able to keep screws, nuts, bolts and more apart. This will help you organize all the odd ends of your project. It will also keep your workspace neat and tidy. This will help you keep a clear mind. But now, back to the kitchen!

Make More Than Muffins In Your Muffin Pan

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When you flip your muffin tray over, you now have a versatile mold. Cover the underside of the muffin tray with cookie dough. Voila! Now you have cookie bowls for ice cream. More of a savory person? No problem! Wrap the bottom of the muffin holes with bacon. Now you have an awesome bacon cup to serve things in at your next party. But the best use of the bottom side of the tray is still to come.

Mini Taco Bowls

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What if we old you can create a mini taco bowl? Flip your muffin pan over again. Now in the spaces between the tray holes, push in tortilla sheets. Bake them up and there you have your mini taco bowl! Fill it up with whatever you see fit. Generally, layers of mine, cheese and salsa are a real crowd pleaser. But the best use for the bottom involves poking holes into your tray!


Always Have A Smoothie On Hand

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One of the easiest ways to pre-make your weekly breakfast is to freeze smoothie cubes. On Sunday night, make a large batch of smoothie mixture. Decant this into your muffin pan, and freeze. Now, when you want a smoothie, just take out a frozen dome. Pop this in your food processor and you are good to go! A hole in the bottom of your pan wouldn’t help you here. But you won’t believe where it will!

Sort Out Your Stationary

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Another awesome handy household hack for a muffin pan is a stationary organizer. Use this kitchen utensil to organize your desk. You now have a little pocket for paper clips, drawing pins and more. Pop plastic cups into each hole and now you have pen and pencil holders too! The options are endless with this baking tray. But the best is yet to come. You would’ve never imagined using a muffin pan to cook eggs.

Feed An Army Breakfast

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Feeding a full house isn’t easy. But it can be with a muffin pan! Save time with this easy hack. You can make twelve hard boiled eggs at once thanks to this pan. Pop your eggs into each muffin hole. Prick a hole at the top of each egg, and bake! You will be able to serve up breakfast in no time. But that’s not the only hole you’ll be poking in a muffin pan.

Bake More Than Food In Your Muffin Pan


If you are a parent, you know the crayon dilemma. Your child will color until they are left with tiny, unusable crayon nubs. Alternatively, crayons will snap, using unusable pieces. But you can salvage these broken pieces. Collect similar colors and place them in one muffin hole. Melt these in the oven and you will be left with a number of giant crayons. Great for toddlers. But now, ditch the oven for the freezer.


Don’t Melt Away With This Muffin Pan Hack

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If you find yourself dying of heat, don’t despair. Slice up a lemon and put a single slice at the bottom of every muffin hole. Next, fill up each hole with water. Pop this in the freezer and there you have it! You now have flavored giant ice cubes. These are great in jugs of water. The size will cool down your beverage fast. But that’s not the only drink dilemma a muffin pan can fix.

Don’t Spill In The Car!

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Have you ever driven through a drive-through, only to be left with more drink than you can handle? Transporting drinks can be a tough one. But, with the combination of a laundry basket and muffin pan, not anymore! Put the pan in the laundry basket and place in your drinks. You now have a massive, safe drink carrier at your disposal. But sometimes, you want your muffin pan to be able to leak. You won’t believe why.

Mouth-watering Mini Pizza Cups


Back to the kitchen we go! One of the tastiest treats you can create in a muffin pan is a pizza cup. All you need is mozzarella, pizza dough, tomato relish and topping. Push the pizza dough to the edge of the pan holes. Next, fill it with a mixture of mozzarella and tomato relish. Finally, mix in your chosen toppings, bake and enjoy! But hang tight. The best use is yet to come!

Crafting Made Easy

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If you are big into the crafting scene, a muffin tray is your best friend. You will now be able to sort out all of your decorating accessories. From multicolored buttons to scrapbooking bits and bobs, they now all have a place. This will allow you to easily choose the decoration you need without having to search endlessly. But that’s not all that can be stored in a muffin tray.


Keep Your Jewelry Organized

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Another fantastic use of a muffin pan is a jewelry organizer. You will be able to keep your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings separate. This makes choosing your accessory easier. You will be able to easily spot each accessory and pick it out. This will make getting ready loads easier for you. But that still leaves one question. Why would one want to put a hole in the bottom of their muffin tray?

Put A Hole In It!

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You probably never thought you’d be punching holes in your muffin pan, did you? But when you see why, you will be amazed. By putting a tiny hole in the bottom of each muffin section, you are creating a pot. You know have a whole tray fit to pot little pot plants into. This is the cutest way to decorate your outdoors. Plus, it's super easy. But it’s not the easiest use of a muffin tray!