Man Makes Mom Cry—Has No Idea Who's Behind Him

Man Makes Mom Cry—Has No Idea Who's Behind Him

The Hero In Plane Sight

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One woman was left in awe by a stranger’s actions on a plane. What started out as a normal flight took an ugly turn. An innocent lady began to be passively bullied by a fellow passenger. But one man wouldn’t stand for it. However, the way he handled the situation left a state of bewilderment through the passengers. The unsung hero took matters into his own hands and helped a damsel in distress.


Larger Than Life

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Savannah Phillips was a proud woman. However, one thing did affect her self-confidence. Savannah had always been a little on the plus side. She wasn’t the biggest woman around. But she definitely wasn’t the smallest either. As such, every time Savannah flew, she would deliberately book a seat which had no one around her. But one day she was running late. The only seat left was next to someone else. Someone Savannah wished she had never met.

Weighing In

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Savannah had had a problem with her weight for most of her life. She had endured constant ridicule and stares. This left her with quite a hole in her self-esteem. Even though most Americans are overweight, people are not forgiving. Body shaming has become a real problem in the last few years. And Savannah knew that feeling all too well. But nothing she had gone through before could prepare her for her plane experience.

A Mad Rush To Catch A Flight

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Savannah had been required to do a lot of traveling for work. While being away from her family was awful, she was a budding businesswoman. So, she did was she needed to do. Usually, Savannah would ensure she was on time to the airport. She understood her weight could make some people uncomfortable. Therefore, she liked to get there early to book an isolated seat. However, one day she was running late. When she got to the airport, she received bad news.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

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When Savannah reached the front counter, she finds out what she had been dreading. All seats have already been reserved. She began to desperately plea with the check-in assistant. But her pleading fell on deaf ears. Unfortunately, there was nothing Savannah could do but accept her reality. But she had no idea how harsh that reality was. When she met her flight companion, Savannah’s world would change forever.


Making The Most Of A Tough Situation

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Savannah eventually concedes defeat. As she walks to the plane, she begins to make light of her dilemma. She realizes that there was nothing to be done in the scenario. However, a tinge of distress lingers in her subconscious. She couldn’t help but wonder who her flight companion would be. Alas, Savannah was in for an arduous journey. However, one man would change her grim situation. Through a particularly unorthodox way.

Now Boarding

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As Savannah made her way onto the plane, her heart pounded. She wildly searched the seats to find her designated area. She looked upon her flight companion. She was placed in a window seat next to an elderly man sporting bright yellow sun glasses. As she paced toward her companion, she began to panic. She would have to squeeze past the gentleman to reach her seat. But the old man reacted in a way she was not expecting.

Is That A Gentleman We See?


As Savannah reached her aisle, the elderly man rose. This took her aback. She was expecting to have to awkwardly shimmy past. But it seemed as though she was traveling with a decent companion. Oh, how wrong that assumption was. Little to Savannah’s knowledge, the old man detested overweight people. When he took out his phone, Savannah began to wonder. But little did she know, the passenger behind the old man was watching as well.

Blame The Elderly

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Savannah noticed the old man reaching for his phone. She thought nothing of it. Until she saw what he was doing. He began to adjust the settings of his screen. First, he hiked up the brightness. Next, he increased the text size to as large as possible. When asked he told Savannah it was to help him see better. But what a blatant lie this was. And when Savannah saw the real reason, she couldn’t hold back her tears.


Sticks And Stones Can Break My Bones But Words Can Never Harm Me


The man mentioned he was an aspiring comic. That was where the pleasantries ended. He whipped out his phone and began to text. Savannah now understood his earlier screen adjustments. She could plainly see his message, and he made no attempt of hiding it. He typed “sitting next to a smelly fatty.” Savannah broke down. She turned to the window and felt the tears flowing. But then, the elderly man got a tap on the shoulder.

An Angel Steps Up

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The man received a sudden, vigorous tap on his shoulder. As he turned around he heard “I need to speak to you. NOW.” Bewildered, he rose and followed the young gentleman. Amidst numerous profanities, Chase Irwin informed the old man they would be switching seats. Taken aback by his demeanor, the old man agreed. Upon sitting down, Chase noticed Savannah was crying. It was then that he really became a hero to many.

A Hero Is Recognized

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On the plane ride, Savannah and Chase began to talk. Savannah couldn’t contain her gratitude. But all she learned of Chase was his name, profession and that he too was a parent. When they landed, Savannah felt compelled to share their story. But she couldn’t find Chase on social media. So, she wrote a powerful Facebook post. She urged people to share the post until Chase was found. And one day, Chase replied.

The Hero Takes Form

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Chase Irwin had been the hero in question. In an interview with local news, he mentioned how much he hated discrimination. When he had seen what the elderly man was writing, he had to act on it. “I said, you are a heartless person,” Chase revealed in the interview. “That girl crying over there, saw your texts”. That certainly kept the old guy quiet. But there is more to the story.


Chase Had A Trick Up His Sleeve

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As soon as he had seen the text, Chase began planning his next move. He pulled their designated air hostess aside. After filling her in on the situation, she was fully supportive of his plan. Once he returned to his seat, Chase had taken action. He knew he couldn’t let this old man get away with hurting another person so badly. And he had no idea how much of a difference his act of kindness would make.

Chase And Savannah Create Awareness

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Thanks to Chases kindness and Savannah’s post, the two raised awareness. People caught wind of how bad fat-shaming actually was. Therefore, even though the beginning was nightmarish, the story at least had a happy ending. Body shaming is an abhorrent practice that should be stopped. And with more people like Chase Irwin, it is a possibility. Chase will always remain a true hero in Savannah’s eyes. One act of kindness changed a life.