After Letting A Stranger Work A Day In Her Cafe, Two Weeks Later The Man Gives Her A Huge Surprise

When Marcus, a homeless man who sleeps on Minneapolis’ Lake Street nearby, walked into Cesia Abigail’s cafe, he probably expected to be turned away immediately. He was used to that. But what he didn’t expect was to get a second chance at life. Deciding to open more than just her wallet, Cesia would give Marcus a gift that keeps on giving. She wrote on Facebook, “I looked at him and asked, ‘Why don’t you have a job?'” Keep reading to find out what she did next is that's making this story go viral!


Meet Cesia Abigail

Cesia, 25, runs a small Salvadorian restaurant called Abi’s Cafe. But what makes her a local favorite isn’t her Tamal de Pollo, it’s her way with people. Everyone who steps into her small establishment is treated like family. She may be all smiles, but she struggles just to break even on Abi’s Cafe. At the end of every day, she said she is exhausted, overworked and underpaid. As a result, has zero patience for freeloaders. So when Marcus came in that fateful day asking for change, she said “You know nothing is given to me for free, right?” Continue reading to see her incredible offer

The Offer

“Why don’t you have a job?” Cesia inquired. “Well, I have a lot of felonies and no one wants to hire me for that. So, now I had to turn myself to the streets and get money the only way I know — stealing and asking for money.” Marcus replied, avoiding eye contact. Despite this alarming revelation, Cesia definitely could use the helping hands. Instead of telling him off, she did the unthinkable. “You want a job? Then I have one for you,” Abigail said. Continue reading to see the job

What’s the Job?

“His eyes opened wide and his smile made my day!!!!” Cesia later wrote on Facebook. What she offered was a paid position, valid just for the remaining 2 hours of the day, washing dishes. "I will do anything for food." Marcus instantly agreed, smiling ear-to-ear. He promptly washed his hands and got to work immediately. In the meantime, Cesia fixed him a sandwich. Surprisingly, this poor starving guy cut it in half, wrapped up the other half in tin foil and then darted right out the door...

A Blessing in Disguise

Around the corner, Marcus could be seen offering the other half to a homeless woman on the street. "I said, ‘Marcus do you know the lady over there?’ and he said ‘No, but I know that she is hungry so I gave her my food.' That really touched me," Cesia later reported to CBS News. Marcus was really proving himself to be an exceptional man and a ray of light in Cesia's life. "A lot of people are saying I've been a blessing for him, but, at that point, I was the one who needed a blessing," Cesia said.

Employee of the Month

With the restaurant faltering, Cesia simply couldn't afford Marcus. So at the end of the day, the two said their goodbyes. So you could imagine her surprise when he showed up at the exact same time the next day, ready to work his 2-hour shift. Amazingly, for 2 weeks now, he has shown up every single day at the same time. “Once I pay him guess what he does?” Cesia asks on Facebook.