Quaint Kansas Town Shows There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye, Literally

A Nail-Biting Discovery

He was tired. It had been days since they started searching the area, but nothing significant had been found. And yet, his gut told him this was the place, and he wasn’t going to give up until he found proof. Then, a familiar sound. It was the sound of the metal detector. He rushed over to see what had been found. When they brushed off the dirt and realized what it was, his heart started pounding. Could this be what they’d been looking for all along?


A Curious Boy


It was a discovery many years in the making, and it seemed Donald Blakeslee had been born to do this. Ever since he was a kid, he’d been fascinated with things in the ground. His mother tried to keep a small garden, planting flowers and vegetables. But Donald, curious as ever, would dig them up and bury his own treasure in their place. His mother thought he’d grow out of it. It turned out to be the complete opposite.



As soon as he learned how to read, Donald buried his face in books. And they weren’t traditional children’s books, either. Every time his mother took him to the library, he always seemed to find the oldest and thickest book in the place -- usually something to do with history. He’d then find a nook in a corner and spend hours engrossed in his reading. Such interest and dedication followed him well into his school years.