Unbelievable Act

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Nervous, he appears in front of the judge. He knows the ‘why’ he is there is not such a big deal but still, shivers go up and down his spine with worry. He knows he shouldn’t have left his daughter with a stranger. But he would only be a few minutes, nothing would happen to her, and more in a courthouse, wouldn’t it? Desperate to know, he finally steps out of the courtroom and sees his precious little girl. In that instant, he knows he’s made a colossal mistake.



Utah County courthouse

Jose Moncayo appeared at the Utah County courthouse for a traffic ticket he had received. An infraction that had him anxious, like any of us would feel before a judge. He showed up at the time his hearing was appointed for, but when he was about to go inside a bailiff tells him something that instantly shatters him and makes him question everything.


Utah County courthouse

Moncayo and his daughter Abi are from Orem, Utah. While waiting outside the courtroom, the little girl began running around the area making this her playground. She started going up and down the halls, investigating ‘secret’ pathways and running rampant everywhere she could. This was by far a more interesting and adventurous place than her home, as she knew all corners of such and this building was utterly new to her. Little did she know her adventure wouldn’t stop only in that area.

No One

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That day, Moncayo called babysitters, his parents and anyone he could think of to take care of his 2-year-old girl. But sadly, no one could. He didn’t think much of it, surely the little girl could sit quietly inside the courtroom until he was done. Little did he know he was so, very wrong.

Unusual Requests

Being a parent to a two-year-old can be both exhausting and the greatest reward. At such age, these little ones are always curious about their surroundings and are usually very active. Moncayo knew this first hand. His little girl was one to be full of energy, and she was even known to be difficult to be put to sleep at night time. She would usually make unusual requests, but that day when Moncayo came out of the courtroom, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.