The Croc Whisperer: Everything We Know About Crocodiles Is Wrong

No, this is not photoshopped. What you’re seeing is a crocodile named ‘Poncho’ kissing a Costa Rican animal lover and fisherman named Chito Shedden.

The Tico Times, National Geographic, Chito Shedden

“Love conquers all” this probably best way to describe this very unusual friendship, which is rapidly changing everything we thought we knew about crocodiles. It all started back in 1989 when the fisherman saw the croc dying from a gunshot wound on a riverbank in Siquirres. Chito knew that he could not…would not, leave the animal there to die. Even if it meant putting his own life in extreme danger.


A Friend In Need…

Snedden, who’s also a tour guide, has learned quite a few things in his life. Clearly, how to wrangle in a crocodile without being eaten alive is one of them! Crocs can weigh upwards of 850 lbs and grow as big as 16 feet long. But in 1989, the croc was young and skinny — weighing only 150 lbs. The animal had been shot right through the head and left eye by a local cattle rancher. That’s when Snedden did something that would change his life forever.


How Do I Explain This To My Wife?

He knew that he could help the animal heal if he could get it and take it home. That’s exactly what he and his friends did. So there on the banks of Costa Rica’s Parismina river, the ‘Crocodile Man’ rounded up a group of brave friends to lift the injured croc into his boat and take him home were Chito cared for the him right in his backyard.