3 Habits You Can Adopt to Help Your Kids Study Smarter

3 Habits You Can Adopt to Help Your Kids Study Smarter

March 2, 2019 By alberto

    Your kids are watching you, so why not show them how to really study simply by changing a few habits. We parents have a far greater impact on our children than we may admit. It typically doesn’t dawn on us until they’re playing and use our vocal inflection or catch phrase (hopefully you’re keeping your catch phrases PG!). When we finally realize our power, we have a responsibility to use it to positively influence our children’s lives. But how?

    1. Stick to a schedule


    Ok, so we all have busy lives which render a consistent schedule tough, but hear me out. Meeting deadlines consistently are imperative not only for academic success, but for success out there in the real world. As a parent, you can establish a timeline for both your children and for yourself. An effective schedule would entail having dinner at the same time every night, followed by homework time, and then an hour of reading. Simply by doing this, you’re helping their brain get into study mode and make that period a very effective study session every day. Make sure your home is an atmosphere that fosters academic success. That means switching off TVs and making sure the other kids, if they aren’t studying, to play quietly. Any adults should also do something productive during that time to set a good example.